Bell’s network delivers Canada’s fastest 4G and 3G speeds, according to Tutela report

Rogers placed second, while Telus placed third

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A mobile industry analytics company has once again ranked Bell’s network as the fastest in Canada.

According to Tutela’s latest Mobile Experience Report — which measured Canadian networks from February 1st, 2018 to April 30th, 2018 — Bell’s 4G and 3G networks are the fastest in Canada, followed closely by national carriers Rogers and Telus.

Bell’s 4G network reportedly delivered average 4G download speeds of 18.08Mbps, while the carrier’s 3G speeds delivered 5.32Mbps.

Rogers’s 4G network ranked second in Canada, delivering average download speeds of 16.12Mbps, while Telus’s 4G network delivered third-place speeds of 15.68Mbps.

Interestingly enough, Tutela found that Telus’s 3G network outperformed Rogers’s 3G network. Telus delivered 3G download speeds of 5.30Mbps, while Rogers delivered 3G download speeds of 3.92Mbps.

Regional carrier Freedom Mobile ranked fourth in terms of 4G download speeds — delivering average download speeds of 14.68Mbps. However, Freedom’s 3G network also outperformed Rogers’s 3G network, delivering average download speeds of 4.70Mbps.

Tutela used approximately 2.89 billion measurements, sourced from 75.3 million records to compile its data.

Ontario tops regional ranking yet again

Tutela ranked Ontario, Canada’s largest-province in terms of population, as once again having the fastest networks in the country.

Bell topped Ontario’s 4G list, delivering average download speeds of 20.15Mbps, while Telus topped Ontario’s 3G list, delivering average download speeds of 5.87Mbps.

British Columbia’s networks placed second, with Rogers delivering average 4G download speeds of 18.37Mbps. Bell’s network delivered the fastest 3G download speeds in Canada’s third-most populated province, averaging 5.16Mbps.

Finally, Alberta’s networks placed third overall, with Rogers delivering average 4G download speeds of 18.15Mbps. Telus’s network in Alberta delivered the province’s fastest 3G speeds, with an average of 4.96Mbps.


Canadian carriers and network latency

Download speeds are only one metric of network performance. Latency — how long it takes to send one packet of data from a device to a server — also lends insight into a carrier’s network quality.

While it’s not surprising that national carrier Bell delivered the lowest 4G latency in Canada — with an average of 23.2 milliseconds — it’s interesting to note that the carrier in second place isn’t one of Canada’s big three.

Instead, Freedom Mobile’s 4G network placed second in terms of 4G network latency — 23.6 milliseconds — and first in terms of 3G latency — 63.4 milliseconds.

Of course, Freedom Mobile has fewer subscribers with a network that’s only available in select parts of Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia. As such, the carrier’s network isn’t as populated as, for example, Rogers, whose network delivered the fourth-fastest 4G and 3G latency — 28.0 milliseconds and 94.5 milliseconds, respectively.

Source: Tutela