Mother’s Day Gift Guide [2018 Edition]

mothers day 2018

Haven’t got your mom a gift yet for Mother’s Day? Never fear, MobileSyrup has compiled a list of all the most interesting tech-related presents for the modern-day mom.

From an inspiring compendium of tales on women in tech to gadgets that make TV watching a more seamless experience, there are a wide variety of options available.

Read on for our full list.

Tile Sport and Style

Tile has been around for a number of years at this point, but the company’s somewhat recently released Style and Sport trackers are its best yet. Retaining the same 200-foot Bluetooth tracking functionality as past Tile devices, but with the addition of a sleek exterior and improved build quality, the Sport and Style are in a league of their own in comparison to other tracking devices.

Along with an improved exterior, Tile’s Sport and Style are two times louder than their predecessors, waterproof up to 1.5 metres for 30 minutes and feature a revamped more intuitive app. The same crowd-sourced tracking that made Tile’s earlier devices so compelling, also returns with the Sport and Style.


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Mophie wireless charger

If your mom isn't fond of the sight of wires, you should get her a wireless charging pad this Mother’s Day.

While there are lot of great options out there, the MobileSyrup crew has taken a particular liking to the Mophie Charge Stream Pad+. With a 10W output, the Pad+ supports both Apple and Samsung fast charge. It also features a non-slip rubberized coating, which will help make sure you mom’s phone doesn’t move when she places it there.

Best of all, it comes in a handsome white colour, along with sleek black and ships within a day.


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Moleskine Smart Writing Set

For the mom that has one foot in the digital world and one foot in the analogue past, this Moleskine Smart Writing System is the perfect combination of both. Using a special pen that Moleskine calls the Pen+ Ellipse and ‘Ncoded’ paper, users can write in physical notebooks and have their writing or drawings transferred directly to a dedicated app.

The transfer is quicker than you’d expect, and though it occasionally misses a pen stroke, quite accurate. It’s also extremely intuitive, with the Pen+ Ellipse recognizing individual pages, different books and specific times and dates in planners, and organizing them all accordingly. So, when your mom inevitably misplaces her daily planner -- she can find everything she needs on her phone.


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Roku Streaming Stick

For the mom that sometimes struggles to work her TV, but loves watching Netflix, Roku’s new 4K Stick+ streaming device is the ideal gift.

To start off, the device comes with a remote that also controls a TV’s volume and power with supported televisions.

So whenever it is used to turn the TV on, it will go directly to the Roku interface.

On top of the remote, the stick also features an enhanced Wi-Fi receiver, allowing it to receive a solid Wi-Fi signal all over the house. This makes the Stick+ perfect for a TV tucked away in a bedroom or a basement.


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Broad Band: The Untold Story of the Women Who Made the Internet

This fascinating read will inspire techie and non-techie moms alike. Author Claire L. Evans paints a fascinating picture of women’s unsung moments in tech history.

Surprisingly, the most interesting part is not individual moments of brilliance (though there are some stunning examples), but the sheer abundance of contributions women have made to the technology we use in our daily lives.

The book reveals just how much women’s perceived disinterest in technical fields is a modern social construct by delving into a past (the early to mid-twentieth century) where computers were synonymous with young women who could be paid little to compute large equations en masse.


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Google Home Mini

The Google Home Mini is an awesome gift for your mother because the device is so versatile. If you need to schedule a doctor’s appointment for little Timmy, just say, “okay Google, set a schedule." You can also set reminders with the Google Home Mini. too.

Your mom could even get the kids ready in the morning by asking Assistant the weather and if there is any traffic en route to your destination.

Further, if you purchase more than one Assistant you can have them broadcast to one another sort of like an in-house PA system, allowing you to yell at all of your kids at once.


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Anker PowerCore Speed 20000 PD

Anker’s line of products might not immediately scream 'Mother’s Day present,' but it’s important to bear in mind that we all need a little bit more power and energy in our lives -- mother’s perhaps especially so.

Anker’s PowerCore Speed 20000 PD is absurdly named, but what it lacks in finesse it more than makes up for in pure utility. The powerbank can charge everything from smartphones to laptops, and packs 20000mAh of juice into a surprisingly sleek and elegant frame.

It fits backpacks, purses, pockets and glove compartments, and is perfect for long trips, long days and just about everything in between.

It might be a little costly compared to other powerbanks, but who is more worth it than your mom?


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Amazon Fire Tablet

The Amazon Fire HD Tablet is the perfect fit for your mother (or grandmother) who isn’t very tech savvy or who doesn’t need a high-end device.

With Apple’s iPads or even Samsung’s Galaxy Tabs costing at least a few hundred dollars apiece, the Fire HD Tablet is an excellent option for mothers who don’t care about more advanced tablet features and just want a basic, accessible web browsing, mobile gaming and media consumption device.

With a battery life of up to 12 hours, the Fire Tablet also makes a great travel companion for your mother’s work trips and commutes or your grandma’s doctor’s office visits.

There are also several different models that you can choose from. The Amazon Fire 7 costs $49.99 CAD for the 8GB model and $79.99 for the 16GB model. Meanwhile, the 16GB Amazon Fire 8 HD Tablet costs $99.99, while the 32GB variant is priced at $129.99.

From $49.99

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