iOS 11 adoption rates are up while Android Oreo fails to make much of a mark

iOS 11 and Oreo adoption rates are starting to pick up

iOS 11.4 beta

Apple has recently shared statistics showing what percentage of iOS devices are running each version of Apple’s operating system.

The company shared its stats on the Developer Support webpage. So far iOS 11 is installed on 76 percent of devices, while iOS 10 is still running on 19 percent of iPhones and iPads. This is a pretty large amount of installs for iOS 11, but it isn’t overly surprising since Apple devices are usually kept up to date.

The last time the company shared these types of stats was in January of 2018. Back then iOS 11 was running on 65 percent of phones and tablets and iOS 10 was running on 28 percent of devices.

Since January almost 15 percent of iOS users updated to the latest version so it will be interesting to see if in the next few months if iOS 11 adoption rises to reach closer to a 90 percent install base.

While the adoption of iOS 11 has been a little slower than usual it is still much better than the typically splintered adoption rates on Android handsets.

According to Google’s developer website, only 4.6 percent of Android phones are currently running Oreo, while 30.8 percent of users are still using Android Nougat and 26 percent of users are three generations behind and are running Marshmallow.

This splitting of the install base does look much different than iOS, but it’s par for the course with Android because updates to Google’s operating system are controlled by a wide variety of carriers and manufacturers.

Source: Apple, Google  Via: Mac Rumors