Amazon Fire TV Stick Basic Edition discounted to $34.99 in Canada


  • Smanny

    They have the 4k Chromecast on sale right now for $45, and it does YouTube as well as cast your smartphone, tablet, or computer display to the TV as well.

    • Marshall Davidson

      Not entirely comparable. The Fire TV has built in apps to play content whereas Chromecast still requires a phone or tablet to play back. Still, $45 is a great price for the 4K version and for less than $100 you can have both.

    • Smanny

      You could buy a Google Home mini for $39 and just use your voice to play things on the Chromecast as well. Like Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, podcasts, and a lot more. You can even play games using only your voice.

    • Marshall Davidson

      Meh…I think the Mini is a piece of junk. If you’re going to get a Google Home go for the full version, its much better and more versatile.
      I’m not a big of Amazon hardware as it is but for some it may fit the bill as a secondary device, especially if you’re travelling.

    • Roger

      Who has Chromecast ultra for $45?

  • Jim__R

    Went to Amazon. The price is $49.99. For the discounted price: “Try Prime FREE and get this item for CDN$ 34.99”. So, the reduced price is not without a catch.

  • Orage42

    Just received mine. Nice little device, very good remote and pretty fast and smooth interface. You can sideload just about any android app, but bear in mind the processor is not as fast as some of those cheap “android boxes” So performance should not be at the top of your list.

    For $50 it’s not bad, for $35 it’s actually really good.