Rogers continues path of strong quarterly earnings, wireless subscribers now at 10,625,000



  • Zaptor99

    And here I thought all the price increases are to “improve” their network

  • Dimitri

    How about better customer service first before saying that u are growing. Customers service has gone down hill pretty bad. Joe Natale should focus more on that and making sure his OOP help out customers as well. Get rid of the ones that aren’t and get employees that want to help. Sadly this will go from one ear to the next. No one will do anything.

    This also doesn’t help when they increase the monthly fees to say that it’s a ” improvement for our infrastructure” when they have issues on their own Website logging in, half of the times u don’t even get the speeds u are supposed to get and sadly u pay a bill that half of the times ur service works.

    • NotARogersEmployee

      Customers service has gone down hill pretty bad.

      Rogers’s churn is down and they have 100,000+ net new adds. Anecdotally, commenters here love to hate on Rogers but they clearly don’t represent the majority. Cry all you want about their customer service and pricing, but if Rogers keeps pulling in these numbers they’re clearly doing something right.

    • Dimitri

      Companies are churn and say whatever they want. However they don’t say how many people call in and complain, how many customers cancel, how many customers are unhappy. That’s something you don’t see at all. They never disclose any of that information and many that believe their words about ” oh we have so many new customers” don’t sit and read comments or actually work for the company ( unless they use a different username and attack others for speaking their opinion) “.

      I liked Rogers and never had a issue with them (since I also help them out as well). However lately their customer service has gone down hill.

      Even this morning my mother called to inquire about a charge that was faulty in their end and the rep basically pushed her away and even told her that it’s her fault. I took over the call and spoke to a manager which funny enough was listening to the phone call as well behind the scene. Let’s just say the employee will be taken off for further training. That’s what I mean. The manager had to apologize and even tell the rep on the phone that he is giving false information and not helping. So before u post what u want, know what others are going through. Every company is the same anyways.

      We as customers are allowed to speak our voice and opinion on a company which lacks of customer service. Remember many go with them for the deals and end up finding out later on the truth.

    • Jakob

      So you had a manager that was secretly shadowing a rep that needs coaching and help and you’re saying that is bad customer service? I’d say that is actually a proactive approach to making sure reps are giving good customer service. They are far from being ‘great’ but their data in the last couple years has clearly shown that they’ve stopped a lot of the bleeding at least.

    • Dimitri

      I’m not talking about the manager. I’m not about the rep. The manager shadowing will show them what customers have been complaining about for years and as customers have been told “it’s how u talk. Or your rude” when it’s the other way around.

      The manager did their job and actually was happy how the manager dealt with the situation. Reps need to be pulled and retrained every 6 months or so on how to deal with customers and help them out instead of pushing them around and make up stories.

      Yeah data can show anything. However it’s the customers which tell the truth. Most data had been done on customer which walk around or ask them randomly. Why don’t they send out a email, letter or phone call to each Rogers customer and see the data then. All the complaints which are filed in Facebook, Twitter, community forums, other pages don’t mean much?

      Rogers for the past week had a major issue Provisioning-Issue with their cable boxes and modems. Gave false hopes to many and they got their services working 2-3 days later. Many called and were offered nothing for that time and had to use their own data on their phones to connect. That’s poor customer service.

      Many were told to switch out their working modes to fix a issue and had a bigger issue. No communication was given to the stores from head office about this either. There is more if u look at the complaints.

    • Jakob

      Jesus, I should have packed a lunch for that reply…

    • Dimitri

      You replied back and I gave my my reply and opinion on it. So.

  • abc123

    Get ready for more price increases in 2018 because shareholders expect them to do better and better each and every year.