New Roku Express streaming set-top box is now available in Canada


  • Kevin Anders

    Please update article saying where it’s available

    • LeTricolore

      The link to the Roku blog says it’ll be out next month.

  • Tan Toun

    I got a mibox and i must say, the roku is so useless compared to this thing.

  • Marshall Davidson

    This company will be out of business within a year. There’s a reason their hardware is so cheap and it ain’t because it’s so good. They have a dearth of content and what they do offer is garbage compared to Apple TV or most Android boxes. Most certainly Roku = the Blackberry of the set top box market

    • Rev0lver

      You even brought blackberry into this. You’re a very special combination of ignorant and pathetic.

  • Marshall Davidson

    Oh..look who posted below. The only blocked user I have and the clown still insists on making useless commentary. Get a life Revolver. Seriously

    • Rev0lver

      So you’re so sad that you can’t even ignore someone correctly. Truly pathetic..

      Also, why the hidden post history? Is it because you admit that you’re Shogun and want to hide it now? Ignorant and a coward.