Qualcomm asks China to stop manufacturing and selling iPhones


  • It’s Me

    Qualcomm might end up regretting bringing attention to their business practices in China.

    • Mawhayden

      They say that the papers were filed Sept 29th, but a couple of weeks after Taiwan sued them for similar unfair trade practices. So far the countries that are seeing Qualcomm are USA:FCC, South Korea, and now Taiwan.

      I think Qualcomm knows the Gig is up but as good lawyer s will do , put more countersuit to muddy the waters. Qualcomm has been doing this for years it is now starting to catch up to them..

    • It’s Me

      Qualcomm already was fined just shy of $1B by China a couple years ago for their illegal licensing business practices. Doesn’t seem wise to kick that dog again.

      In addition to the countries you mention that are prosecuting/suing Qualcomm, We also have the EU investigating them and they were at one point this year facing multi-hundreds of millions in fines, I think for obstructing the investigation. Australia was investigating them but that might have been covered by the massive Chinese penalty. Basically they are being investigated, charged or fined throughout the world.

  • Bill___A

    I am definitely on Apple’s side with this one. I don’t think they should be charging different fees based upon the value of the phone. Qualcomm should be entitled to a fair payment which is the same for every single user device that uses their patents in a similar fashion,, be it android, iphone or anything else….they should be able to make a lot of money in this fashion.

    • John Lofwire

      Nothing stop Apple from using intel instead.
      will be much cheaper… in cost and quality but much cheaper.

  • Andrew Holt

    China and patent lawsuits. There are two things you thought you’d never hear mentioned together.

    • John Lofwire

      If qualcomm win where will iphone be built? will they be sold at 4000$ lol