New Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon trailer shows off surfing on a Mantine

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, the next iteration of the classic Pokémon series, comes with a couple of additions that have been showcased in the Pokémon Company’s latest trailer for the game.

The trailer showcases a new mini-game that uses the recently added Pokéride feature. The trainer is seen actually surfing waves on a Mantine, and the more tricks the trainer does the more points he receives.

Futhermore, the trailer reveals that there will be more than 400 Pokemon in the upcoming games, such as the rock Pokemon Larvitar and the flying grass Pokémon Tropius. More than 400, means the game will get at least 100 more Pokémon than Sun and Moon, there are a total of 802 Pokémon which means this game still seems to be missing quite a lot.

The new trailer also shows off additional settings, a new Alola Challenge — Alola’s version of a gym battle — and Lily, the character’s friend from Sun and Moon, dressed similarly to her attire at the end of the last game.

Lastly the trailer demonstrates the new photo capture mode in Ultra Sun and Moon, which will shows of a variety of ways to snap pictures of your beloved Pokémon.

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon is set to release on Nintendo’s 2DS and 3DS on November 17th worldwide.