Rogers to debut new data management tool called ‘Stream Saver’



  • Doctor_Blackson

    “Rogers stated that the reason for the surge was due to “the continued adoption of higher-value Share Everything plans.””

    You mean the constant price increases that we have no choice but to accept? Typical Rogers bs reasoning…

  • Thomas Milne

    “It should be noted that this route is far more customer-friendly than the current tactic taken by U.S. carriers, where streaming quality is limited and “full quality” costs extra.’”
    Please expand on this claim.

    It should also be noted the comparison between the two countries included data with plans.

    We are just as data hungry as the United States of America yet our plans are at 30%* of theirs for data.

    • Jon Duke

      It’s fairly simple. In the US, they have unlimited data but it falls on 3G after a certain amount. That’s probably what that means.

      Even with that being true, they still get a huge amount of data before the speed lowers so yeah, we get screwed.

    • Thomas Milne

      I was thinking that Rogers was taking the same route as the linked Verizon article explains that data speeds will be limited to 10 down. There was not clarification that Rogers was doing the same.

      The move to slower speeds after a set amount is something that Freedom and probably others do as well just negating their claim .

    • Jon Duke


    • Stephen B Morris

      They charge extra for people to stream in HD.

  • Grumpel

    Or just offer larger data allotments? Pointless, BS app and they know it.

    • Thomas Milne

      You have reached your allotment for the month. Do you want to add more data to the plan for just continue using data at our higher rate? If you do not reply in 1 second you we will automatically choose option two for you!

    • icyhotonmynuts

      They’re aiming this app towards those that don’t – so not your typical Mobil syrup reader.

  • Avgvstvs

    Lol. Losers.

    Or you could just give up more data and stop being so god damn stingy.

    Disgusting. Just to think that it cost MONEY AND TIME to standardize that kind of an app at Rogers.

  • southerndinner

    Hahaha oh god. I have no words.

  • David Markx

    >It should be noted that this route is far more customer-friendly than the current tactic taken by U.S. carriers, where streaming quality is limited and “full quality” costs extra.

    Are you stupid? How much is Rogers paying you? When I went down to the states on a $40 T-mobile pre-paid sim I had unlimited netflix and Youtube at 480p which didn’t use data at all plus unlimited data at 3G speeds for everything else once I burned through my 32gb LTE data bucket. People in Canada would KILL to have half that.

    Want to know the difference between Canada and the US? In the US they stream and watch videos or listen to streamed music everywhere, it’s truly the future while in Canada no one dares waste precious megabytes on a Youtube video, it’s too risky.

    • icyhotonmynuts

      Grass is always greener across the border. Trump is wreaking havoc on their net neutrality laws.

  • johny

    thank you Rogers. I will now be more able to manage my 5 gigs for $100 a month while the rest of the world has unlimited data and does not need appa to manage data..

  • yerallnuts

    Let’s see now. I bought a plan 2 years ago and they don’t want to reduce the billed amount by the amount I have been paying towards my now paid off tabs . . . .

    They have given me two options. 1. Change my plan to what they call an ‘in market plan’ (that means current priced plan) which would add $15/line (before my value packs, which would also be impacted) for EXACTLY the same amount of text, data and talk time.

    So excuse me if I call Bullsh*t on Rogers’ claim that revenue increases are due to customer choices.

    Sure, I can pay them the same money each month for my 3 lines, but then I am paying them $60 each month for a service (financing of a new phone) that I no longer receive.

    I cal always go for new phones, but if I DO buy a new phone they will change my plan and essentially raise the price by $15 and leave me on my Premium Tab, but have changed their tier structure so that instead of getting a current top of the line phone for X dollars I will get a second tier phone – a DOUBLE WHAMMY. AND they want $20/line to ‘activate’ the changes!!!!!!

    If I remove the tabs from my lines they will reduce my line costs by $5.

    Oh – and they have also mucked around with the value packs, so that my feature set requires TWO $5 value packs per line instead of the SINGLE one I have now.

    So I have been paying $20 to Rogers towards my tab and if I actually WANT a new phone or if I decide to remove my tabs I will effectively end up paying $15/line extra PLUS an additional $5/line for the same basket of features I have today.

    Can you say RIP-OFF?

    And I’ve been a client of Rogers continuously for 32 years!!!

    That’s one of the reasons why MY account is at the CCTS . . . . . .

    • Get Help ????️ ????

      Try moving to Koodo or virgin. Last I looked Koodo is better. If your phones are still locked you can get unlock codes on eBay for around 15 bucks. You’ll save a ton of dough.

    • icyhotonmynuts

      What makes koodo better than virgin or Rogers? Koodo is Telus and Virgin is Bell.

      Second tier carriers 90% have worse handset lineups.

      As to unlock codes, thanks to the CRTC every single phone sold by a Canadian carrier as of December 12 (exact date I forget), 2017 must be sold unlocked, whether purchased subsidized or not. Look it up. Mobile syrup did an article on it.

    • Get Help ????️ ????

      I know all that. I’m speaking from the point of view of taking your already paid for phone with you, not financing a new phone

  • mike m

    New ceo is much a money hungry person. nothing for customers.. just higher bills with lower data caps. is it just me or this is truly ludicrous

    • Emil

      New CEO?Name a single Rogers CEO of past that wasn’t money hungry. All CEOs are, as a matter of fact. I’m pretty sure your company’s CEO is no different.

    • Stephen_81

      A CEO must be money hungry. That is actually part of their responsibility according to law. Their feduciary responsibility is to maximize share holder value. If there are no share houlders you’re not a CEO.

    • johny

      how about value for customers?

    • icyhotonmynuts

      Become a share holder and there’s your value.

    • Stephen_81

      Sadly that is NOT a regulated requirement for a CEO, customers theoretically have choices and can leave if they are not satisfied. Shareholders are the main priority of the CEO, now a GOOD CEO sees that maximizing customer satisfaction is also maximizing shareholder value.

  • Jason

    I think this is going against net neutrality. Odds are this app is going to end up throttling your speed because streaming apps determine quality on speed so if you have 15mb/s+ then your get HD but if they throttle that to 1mb/s then you get SD

    • NoWayHosEH

      But you can turn it on or off. YOU choose. Nothing to do with Net neutrality.

  • hardy83

    The only worry-free data management is unlimited data or soft caps.
    Anything else is just BS.

  • Andrew Holt

    All it would take to see movement in Canada on prices for mobile is for an organized movement of people away from just one of the big 3 providers to one of the other 2. For instance, have even 20% of Rogers customers move their services to Telus or Bell, and Rogers would go into full fledged panic mode and cut prices quickly. But reality is Canadians don’t organize or revolt, so this is just a pipe-dream.

    • Emil

      Yup. We have seen how easily give in. A few years back everyone was screaming about collusion amongst Shell, Petro Canada Esso etc. re gasoline prices. For a few days we all said “if we just don’t fill up a couple of days things will change’. No one actually followed through. We are lazy when it comes to revolt.

    • john smith

      canadians will not protest . they dont care. we need a major online push for such a protest. who is going to fund it? .. wait wait.. may be Freedom Mobile :-)?

  • Stephen_81

    Until they let me set data caps for each line individually. So I can have data shut off if one like exceeds say 4GB but keep my data going full force even if I go over the 30GB datacap all the features they offer are useless.
    I don’t want to monitor ppl’s usage I want the carrier to kill the service until I authorize a new value for that billing cycle.

    I pay approx $400 /mo for my 30gb plan with 4 lines and some add ons, I don’t complain about the price often. But I would drop Rogers in a second if any other carrier gave me a large data pool and the tools to automatically control eachlines usage. It wouldn’t even have to be a cheaper plan

    • President_Kang

      Um…that’s exactly how Data Manager, which has been around for over a year, works. You set alerts, limits and blocks per line out of the shared plan. Do it in the app or online – though in the app it’s much easier – and you can reset or change each month.

    • NoWayHosEH

      Data does not automatically stop at the set limit. It sends a text message to the use and pilot of the share everything plan.

    • icyhotonmynuts

      Got an android device? It’s built in every device. Set the alert, let the limit. Once it hits the alett phase, it’ll tell you you have xyz amount left in the bill cycle. Once it hits limit data is shut off.

    • NoWayHosEH

      I know about that but that is of no use for when you allot a certain amount of data to a peticular member.

    • Stephen_81

      Problem with setting it at the device is you can’t lock it out so it can’t be unset, try telling a wife she can’t change her own settings… see how far that gets you. haha, I need it behind the scenes.

    • President_Kang

      Not correct. Once the set cap is hit (not the same as the alert level), data is turned off to the line in question.

    • NoWayHosEH

      Can you tell me how? I know you can manually turn off a members data but it will not turn off automatically. If you read the faq on data manager it states that when the warning is sent if nothing is done it will keep going.

    • President_Kang

      Two different settings, one is an alert (as you describe), the other allows you to pause/stop data once a cap is hit. Can’t recall exactly what it looks like, but scroll down on the page on Rogers site (search for Rogers manage-your-familys-data to get the right page) and 4th section I think has the FAQ you’re looking for.

    • Stephen_81

      I will dig deeper if you say it works, Rogers has told me repeatedly that they don’t offer an automated service I must set it at the device.

    • President_Kang

      My apologies, you’re correct. You can easily turn it off by setting the slider (as simple as once you get an alert, which is automatic, log into the app and slide the toggle to off), but there isn’t currently a setting to automatically turn it off once you hit a limit. So it is manual (albeit easy, and you can get the automated warning). Thought it was there, sorry for the confusion.

    • Stephen_81

      No worries, I was going to be upset with myself for having missed this feature.

  • Uzair Abbas

    there are countries with daily unlimited data for few cents…