BlackBerry partners with Delphi to work on systems for self-driving vehicles

Delphi self driving vehicle

Delphi and BlackBerry have announced a partnership to develop a software operating system for self-driving cars.

Delphi — a global supplier of technologies for the vehicle market  — will utilize its turnkey self-driving system called the Centralized Sensing Localization Planning platform (CSLP) while BlackBerry QNX will provide an operating system that is certified to dish out high levels of safety for Delphi’s  CSLP system.

According to BlackBerry its operating system will help the CSLP against cyber attacks, malware and system malfunctions. Note that BlackBerry QNX already provides infotainment software to more than 50 million vehicles, but now seems to be shifting to security for self-driving automobiles.

According to the press release, Delphi plans on selling to automakers and other transportation providers in 2019 for production in 2021, while the larger vehicle manufacturers are making their own self-driving systems.

“You have to have all these pieces together, otherwise what you have is a demo,” Glen De Vos, Delphi’s chief technology officer, said at a media briefing.

De Vos mentioned that Delphi expects to start the testing for its automated driving systems in pilot projects with ride-services fleets by 2019 and by 2020 Delphi plans to stop using pilots and have the vehicles drive themselves.

The first fleets of vehicles will drive on small, “defined” routes in cities, according to Devos.

This past May, German automaker BMW, said that Delphi would join the company in a self-driving partnership which includes Intel and Mobileye, which means its possible that in 2021 there will BMW vehicles with the Delphi self-driving turnkey system with the BlackBerry operating system.

Image Credit: Delphi

Source: Reuters