Huawei Mate 10 render reveals slim bezels


  • bloodless

    If you want the Mate 9, buy it from amazon.COM (not .CA).
    It is much less expensive from the USA store, even factoring-in the exchange rate and customs fees.
    There’s at least a 200.00 savings by doing it this way.

    Depending on what Huawei unveils for the Mate 10 – (and what’s actually available in Canada) – I may simply buy a Mate 9 – as it should be updated to Android 8 Oreo soon.

    • Tim3Tripp3r

      There’s a lot of things on .ca that are a rip. I have brought this up with them but got “zero” response to as why they feel entitled to gouge Canadians. I will not give any more of my cash to .ca

    • vn33

      I never buy anything on CA unless I price compared on COM, and it’s comparable. Most of the time, it’s not … so I rately use CA

    • Elky64

      Why? Because we live in the North Pole and .ca hasn’t gotten their sled dogs yet. Once they do prices will drop 😉

    • vn33

      Mate 9 is also sold at Newegg Canada

    • samsvoc

      With USA warranty only.

  • Clam Dee

    The Mate 9 is still a great phone but the inner tech lover in me will have a hard time not upgrading to the Mate 10 based on the positive rumours.

    • bloodless

      I am just disappointed that they are (following) the silly trend of 2:1 aspect ratios for the display.
      Better get used to seeing black bars on the sides of almost all videos, and stretch-fitting other apps.
      Until our home tv’s (and content) adopt 2:1 in a large scale, 16:9 should be supported in media-consumption devices such as smartphones.
      I don’t buy the whole “easier to hold in the hand” argument.
      In actuality, you’re getting less screen “area” in a tall-skinny 2:1 aspect ratio than a 16:9 ratio.
      2:1 is not innovation, it is an experimental fad, started by SamsuLG.

  • vn33

    I love my Mate 9, even bought a battery case for it. As for the Mate 10, I’m not too fond of the 2:1 (or 19:8) screen ratio