How to use Apple Pay in Canada


  • Yearoftherat

    Was able to add my RBC debit card but the Visa card keeps telling my to contact the card issuer

    • Eluder

      I was able to add my RBC Visa without issue.

    • Yearoftherat

      Were you able to add your debit card?

    • Tyrannosaur3464

      I added both no issues (client card and world elite mastercard) . I do think it might be depending on the card though as my spouse has a Visa through RBC with no tap, and she said she had an issue.

    • Zach Gilbert

      I was able to add a RBC Visa that did not have the Visa pay pass feature in the card. So could just be a system glitch with the influx of people adding their cards.

    • Tyrannosaur3464

      Good to know! Thanks!

    • rick

      is it a visa card with nfc capabilities, or old style? Can you tap to pay with your card…….?

  • I scour these articles – waiting for reference to google pay. Sigh.

    • Jason van de Laar

      Me too, can’t even download the android pay app in Canada. Android pay is way behind in Canada, especially if you do not own a credit card.

    • rick

      Google Pay will have to get into bed with Canadian banks. Same as Apple did. But one has to wonder if Banks signed any exclusivity deals with Apple in concession for Apple taking less?

  • Blair Davis

    Does this just work at any paypass terminal?

    • Brad Fortin

      Anything with tap to pay, yes. Standard $50 or $100 limit applies (bank-dependent).

    • Vito R.

      Amex is unlimited. They say it’s just as secure as chip and pin…

    • Tom Adams

      I tried my visa tap to pay, didn’t work over $100. Then I tried it with Apple Pay tap to pay using the same card and it worked. That is an RBC visa on apple pay

    • Brad Fortin

      Neat. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ll make sure to keep it in mind next time I’m doing groceries or something.

  • mxmgodin

    Charge up you phone, Ian! :O

  • kkritsilas

    I use an iPhone 6, and have registered my debit card with Apple Pay, so this doesn’t apply to me, but I wanted to ask if somebody has an Apple Watch and an iPhone 5s, whether they could still use Apple Pay? The Apple Watch has the NFC chip in it, it pairs with an iPhone 5 or 5S, and those phones run the current version of iOS.

    • Kenjamin Li

      Yup… I’m using iPhone 5s with Apple Watch… I’ve been using Apple Pay on my Apple Watch (with AMEX) for several months. And I just added RBC Visa too! Just bought lunch at Thai Express!

  • Many99

    Which apps can that you use applepay with the only one that I found was domino’s pizza app

    • It’s Me

      Apple Store, Uber, Starbucks, ticketmaster, Esty, PriceLine, groupon, Kickstarter are a few.(according to App Store)

    • Many99


  • Brad Fortin

    Fantastic! Just added my debit and credit cards to my Watch.

  • GAMac

    Just used Apple Pay at pizza Nova with my CIBC Visa card. My watch didn’t work though?

  • Tom Adams

    why would someone who has a credit card want to add their debit card with this?

    • Charly

      Because some shops take debit cards only.

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  • Lil’ Cryin’ Loser Cowar-Boi

    Just watch out for the dodgy looking Romanian dude with the scanner loitering by the checkout…

    • Mister Ho!

      He loiter good, yeah?!?

    • Lil’ Cwyin’ Gaweee-Boi


    • Mister Ho

      Why, you rittle…!!!

  • Brendan Peckitt

    Can someone explain to me how Apple Pay for in app purchases is any better than how it was done before? I have a feeling I might not be fully understanding, can’t you already have your credit card linked to your iTunes account?

    • Lil’ Cwyin’ Gaweee-Boi

      Send me your credit card details and I’ll try it for you….

    • Brendan Peckitt


    • rgl168

      Not the type of in-app purchases for power up’s but for physical product purchases like Target and Walmart apps.

  • Tom Adams

    Come on MBNA…they are owned by TD I hope they get the apple pay working soon, its my favourite cash back card

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