BellMTS goes after Rogers and Fido customers with $100 port-in credit


Bell’s newly acquired Manitoba regional brand, BellMTS, is going after Rogers and Fido wireless customers in the province with a $100 credit.

Rogers and Fido customers will receive the credit within their next few bill cycles after porting over their number to BellMTS. Currently, Rogers offers bring-your-own-phone plans that range from $50 for 2.5GB of data to $80 for 15GB, both with unlimited nationwide calling.

Fido’s only Pulse plan in the province — which includes perks like Spotify and five free hours of data usage — offers 5GB for $48 per month.

BellMTS, meanwhile, offers 2GB of Canada-wide data and unlimited Manitoba-wide calling for $60 or flat-rate Manitoba-wide data and unlimited Canada-wide calling for $85 per month.

Source: BellMTS