BellMTS goes after Rogers and Fido customers with $100 port-in credit


  • Anonymous Agent

    Only way Bell would entice me to switch away from my current carrier is if they offered Unlimited data plan with unlimited north American calling. Unlimited global text and picture messaging with voicemail and caller ID included for $50 bucks per month which i currently pay and get from my current carrier. Other than that then I’m not interested nor would switch for anything less or more expensive.

    • Cam McArthur

      then why comment?

  • vn33

    So Bell actually has two data plan .. one of which limits data to in-province?
    Not sure how they can entice people away from Rogers and Fido with only $100 when their plans are not just competitive enough.

  • Rajiv Menon

    LOL! That is the biggest joke of a plan and incentive.

  • Ricky Bobby

    Wow Bell didn’t even use lube in Manitoba. Seeing those once great Manitoba plans turn into this is sad

  • Ipse

    “Province-wide calling”….muhahaha, the return of local minutes 6 years later. Didn’t take long eh?
    Why not “neighborhood calling” or “street calling” while you’re at it Bhell.

  • Justin

    Us MTS subscribers have always had within province wide mts to mts subscriber calling free. The flat rate unlimited data ( throttled at 15gb) is only within the province and usually this would also include 2gb Canada wide data as well in there. Mts offers or used to as I currently have, unlimited sms and mms while within Canada to other Canadian cells as well as international cells. Yes the downfall is the limited calling thing. Really all depends on what you are looking for or if you travel out of province a lot or not.