Asus unveils photography-focused ZenFone 4 series


  • Techguru86

    Asus have way too much bloatware, clean up the OS and the devices would do better performance wise

    • ChrisPollard77

      I wish more OEMs would take a page from OnePlus’s OxygenOS … mostly stock, with some useful extras. It just stays out of the way.

      The 4 Pro has decent specs, but with all things camera-related in phones, it’s going to really come down to the processing. Sensors are one thing, what the software can do with it is another. Look at the change software made with 4K video stabilization on the OnePlus 5 recently. Sensors matter for capture, but it’s what the software does with what it gets that matters.

      For a smaller player in the phone space though, maybe they should focus on fewer SKUs and make each one better. Just a thought.