Fido offers $55/6GB and $75/10GB retention plans to some customers


  • Mathieu O.

    I was confused because in QC the 6GB plan is 49$ and the 8GB 56$.

    • Whome

      That’s because QC has more competition than Ontario. As long as the monopoly (read: collusion between Rogers, Bell, and Telus) in Ontario continues there is no reason for the big three to drop their prices.

  • Dimitri

    I wonder if Rogers will hope on this offer as well. Seeing as people are paying $125 +taxes for the 10GB plan and that is a retention offer as well. 2 lines cost me well over $200 per month (my main line which is the $125 plus $65 for my father’s)

  • p_lindsay

    Ok Koodo, time to follow suit.

    • Graham Fluet

      I hope Koodo gets it soon…

    • Ricky Bobby

      They have. I’m with public mobile and received a text from them that I’m eligible to switch to an unlimited minutes and 5gb for $55 a month. Was told to visit my nearest Koodo kiosk along with a promo code. I have until Sept 4 to do so

    • Tom Pischel

      What’s the promo code? 🙂

  • Benjamin Lehto

    getting sick of this “Offering of packages to SOME customers”.

    How about just offering it to all customers who’ve been with Fido for at least a certain number of months with an account in good stead.

    • Emil

      I wonder how many of these customers who simply play the game would actually leave? Fido is running a bad business here. They piss me off because of the special things and they are throwing money at people who have no intention of leaving.

  • Jeremy Blackwell

    I have spoken with a rep who informed me that they can give me the 75 dollar plan offered above at 85, but I’m currently paying 60/6gb with the plan from boxing day.

    • Jeremy Blackwell

      So I’d be paying 25 a month more for 4 extra gigs, fido roam access, and data bytes

    • Jeremy Blackwell

      Managed to get the plan after having a chat with a representative via the Facebook social media team at 75.

  • Plazmic Flame

    Damn, these prices are amazing. I’ve been grandfathered into a plan with Telus for like the past 6 years which is 6GB. Would love to get one of these plans.

  • Claude Gohier

    Meanwhile, it’s 6GB for 49$ in Quebec.

  • Brian Yan Muk

    Was on the $60 Black Friday 6gb plan. They offered both the $55 6gb plan and $75 10gb plan. Rep was also nice enough to throw an extra gig for free.

    • YoGoerz

      I have this exact thing and was told I could leave to another carrier

    • Jeremy Blackwell

      I was on the $60 Boxing Day. I called in and basically was told I could leave if I wanted. I tried the facebook chat this morning and the rep basically was like “This is what you want right? Here it is”

  • Avgvstvs

    It’s just the beginning. The walls are starting to crack and soon will crumble.

  • Emil

    Ok, am I to understand that if I was a loyal customer and say nothing I will end up paying up to 50% more than someone who just recently joined and plays the game of pretending to cancel????? Now, that is bloody crazy!!

  • NeXXium

    I’m in Ontario and when i called they said it’s not available to Ontarians. I asked why and they said there isn’t enough competition in Ontario for them to need to offer that deal here to keep customers.

    • Whome

      Which is why when I had the option to switch from Rogers to Videotron in Ottawa I did exactly that.

  • Cameron Rozenveld

    i just called and the representative from Fido said the 6gb $55 dollar plan was not available to me however he offered to give me 2gb of data more per month for free for 2 years. I currently pay $65 for 3gbs of data and unlimited most everything else so after one phone call im now getting 5gbs at the same price! Might be worth giving them a call anyways

    • Jasmin Chhina

      thats the plan i have too. I was offered the 2 gigs aswell

    • Cristhian Mejia

      That’s pretty good.

  • Beebs

    No thanks, I’ll keep my 3GB Fido plan for $15/mo.

  • Ian

    From BC and have been with Fido for over a year. I just called them and the only plan they could offer me that was similar to the above plan was $65 for 6gb. Not good enough.

    • Cristhian Mejia

      I’ve been with Fido for over 10+ years. The agent couldn’t find the plan, it was attached on to my file. So maybe that’s why.

  • Cristhian Mejia

    I live in BC and got the $55 plan. It’s exactly like the old $40 one with 4GB so now I get 6GB. New overage rate of $7/100MB. I still get the LD to 8 countries.

  • Skycat

    I got the $55 plan after being on hold for so long, they gave it to me as an exception and will start at my new billing cycle. I’m from Ontario so now from having 2gb on fido now I have 6gb for $10 cheaper.

  • Realtymetrics

    Called was told it was a system generated plan. Not eligible but system wanted me to pay 80 dollar for 6 GB or 100 for 10 GB. If I want to change plans. Totally a bait and switch.

  • Kim

    I just got off the phone with Fido. I have a home phone, a cell phone and just purchased an iPad through them with $15 data plan. I pay $25 a month for the iPad and $15 for the data. I was supposed to get a SIM card with the iPad but it wasn’t there, so they sent another one….didn’t get it so they sent out another one. Installed the SIM card correctly and iPad still says no SIM card. All the while they are charging me 15 a month plus an activation fee. It was never actived and they can clearly see that I have not used any data so I asked them to credit me back until we can figure out what the problem is I don’t feel I should be charged for a service that never worked right from the get go I was told that since I signed a contract I was obligated to pay wether it worked or not. The rep refused to credit me back and I asked for a supervisor that said the same thing. My cell and home phone is up 2018 so I’m cancelling all services. Oh they did offer a one time good will credit of 10 dollars….not acceptable. Charging me for a service that doesn’t work feels like theft. They are losing a good customer over 15 dollars. They also refused to escalate my complaint, I had to ask 4 times to get a supersvior then the rep kept getting back on the line with…my supervisor said. I will never sign a contract again. Beware of Fido people!!! Don’t sign, you are better to get a used phone off Kijiji and not be in contract, then they are willing to do something. My monthly bill is anywhere from $140 to $200. Extremely disappointed

    • Fido Mo

      Hey Kim!

      I’m sad to see that your recent experience with us made you feel this way! That’s not what we want for any of our customer!

      We’d love to take a second look at this with you.

      Please reach out to us in PM on Facebook or DM on Twitter.

      Talk to you soon!

      – Amanda

    • Kim

      Considering both phones were barely used for 4 or 5 months while paying for bill I feel I am a good customer and added a 3 Rd service. I’m looking into cancelling the cell and home phone this week. Customer service loves to throw it in your face that you are trapped in a contract…contact is up soon. Lesson learned.

  • Vincent Richard

    I got 2gb for 34$

  • Shawn Connors

    Koodo will not Match this in retention…already tried 3 times

  • John McClane

    I’m Fido’s customer for 9 years, I have 3 phone lines with them and they don’t want to give me the $55 offer. Another guy wrote something similar, the only difference was that he was their customer for 10 years.

    I already called Telus and… I’m waiting.

    • Fido Mo

      Hey John!

      Wow! 9 years is a long time! Thank you so much for sticking with us throughout the years. 🙂

      We definitely wouldn’t want to see you go.

      Send us a PM on Facebook or a DM on Twitter and we’ll check out your options together.

      – Amanda

  • Derrick Hsiao

    Below is part of the chat I had with fido rep:

    “10:43 PM D************:
    so my friend recently got a 55$ plan that was offered for 6 gbs
    10:43 PM D************:
    would you be able to offer this plan
    10:45 PM Divine:
    I definitely wish I could give you access to that plan however that plan is only offered to specific accounts based on usage patterns mainly as well as multiple other factors. It is a actually a system based algorithm determined by our marketing team. Therefore, we cannot offer you that plan at the moment.”

    Sucks for me… T_T… I have a friend who was able to get it… I suspect if you are on a grandfathered plan they will allow you to switch over (as he was). OR… They won’t allow you to upgrade to a cheaper price for the same plan essentially

    Maybe others who have been successful getting on this plan can weigh in?

  • Sarvjot Singh Locham

    Hi everyone i got this $55/6GB retention plan day before yesterday. I’m with Fido since 2002 and I have 5 lines and customer representative changed my all five plans to this $55/6GB plan everyone at my home is very happy now. Thanks for my new wonderful plan. Thanks

    • John McClane

      Enjoy it, man, as many of us couldn’t get this offer. 🙁

    • solongh

      Are you getting 10% additional line discount? I have 4 lines and they wouldn’t give me the discount if i changed to $55 for 5 gb plans. Right now i have $40 for 4 gb (province wide) and still getting 10% discount for each line. They wouldn’t give me the $55 deal at first and when I said i’m going to cancel the line, they gave it to me. But i didn’t go with it in the end as the 10% discount wasnt being applied anymore.

  • Noor B.

    I called Fido on Aug 16th, and had no issues whatsoever. The rep upgraded me to the 6GB, $55 plan, no questions asked. It was the most pleasant experience I’ve ever had with a mobile phone company EVER.

    • EddieWinslow

      What exactly did you ask for when you called?

  • EddieWinslow

    The after I read this article. Fido emailed me offering me the plan offered above but for 65 a month. I was on a 4gb plan for 65. So it was a nice upgrade for no additional cost.

  • Rol

    Wow , I’ve been with fido since it’s started over 23 years , I just got off the phone and they said they could increase my payment to $10 more for 1 extra gb what a joke!! Going to see what Telus is offering free iPhone 7 Plus from the pne to keep you on,I’ll be going tomorrow


    Over the last 4 months i must of spent over a thousand with fido and i was told i didnt qualify for these plans.i guess i have to switch to freedom

  • Dinovici

    I called Fido and after me , my wife and recently my son being their customer for years and years, all I’ve got was 3GB for $55 and 6GB for $75. Cancelling my Fido on Sept 1st and my wife’s next month. Moving to Koodo – same coverage as Telus, not bad for a quarter of the price. Disappointed in Fido 🙁


      I have 50 a month for 5gb and the best they could offer me was 6gb for 75 a month.Fido is a joke…all the other providers u can have this roam thing regardless of the plan…fido u have to have this stupid pulse plan

  • solongh

    They won’t give 10% additional line discount. I have 4 lines and they wouldn’t give me the discount if i changed to $55 for 5 gb plans. Right now i have $40 for 4 gb (province wide) and still getting 10% discount for each line. They wouldn’t give me the $55 deal at first and when I said i’m going to cancel the line, they gave it to me. But i didn’t go with it in the end as the 10% discount wasnt being applied anymore.