Bell adds new BYOD and basic plans, increases bundle discount in Quebec

Bell logo on wall

Starting July 20th, Bell is making four “key changes” to consumer wireless pricing in Quebec in order to ensure it remains competitive, per an internal document obtained by MobileSyrup.

The most significant change is an overhaul of the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and Basic consumer plans Bell offers in the province, including the addition of BYOD Non-share plans that offer minimal data for a relatively low price.

Additionally, the carrier has added two new data options, increased its bundle discount to $5 per month — previously $3 — and introduced a new $10 per month bundle discount exclusively for BYOD Share plans.

The new BYOD and Basic plans are as follows:

BYOD Non-share

  • BYOD 35 — 200 Canada-wide minutes/500MB for $35 monthly. Eligible bundle discount = $5.
  • BYOD 43 — Unlimited Canada-wide minutes/1GB for $43. Eligible bundle discount = $5.

BYOD Share

  • BYOD Unlimited Canada — Unlimited Canada-wide minutes/Add-on data for $45. Eligible bundle discount = $10.
  • BYOD Unlimited Canada & U.S. — Unlimited Canada and U.S. minutes/Add-on data for $55. Eligible bundle discount = $10.

*Note: These are mostly unchanged from the previous plans, apart from the increased bundle discount.

Basic Non-share

  • Basic Phone 40 — 200 Canada-wide minutes/500MB for $40. Eligible bundle discount = $5.
  • Basic Phone 49 — Unlimited Canada-wide minutes/1GB. Eligible bundle discount = $5.
  • Basic Phone 55 — Unlimited Canada-wide minutes/2GB for $55. Eligible bundle discount = $5.

In comparison, the current Basic Non-share plan options (shown below) come in at $32, $35 and $42, and offer at most 500MB of data.

bell basic plans

The two new data add-on options come in at $10 for 2GB, which can be applied to BYOD and ‘Smartphone’-tier plans, and $15 for 3GB, which can be applied to Smartphone plans only.

In addition, the carrier is updating its add-a-line plans in the province to only share data with the primary user, meaning customers won’t be able to add data to add-a-line plans only anymore.