Shaw president wants “millions and millions and millions” of Freedom Mobile subscribers


  • eszklar

    Well if this year’s iPhone’s are Band 66 compaitble…….

    • MrQ


      This will be big if it happens, I am quite sure it will

    • Joseph

      Ya and goodbye to my current 50mbps download speeds *sigh

    • Brandon Arneson

      Don’t use freedom as a substitute for home internet because that’s not what its meant for. I know lots of people do this which is why there’s a fair use policy

    • Joseph

      That’s why I said it lol I have shaw 150 at home….so no using my data

    • OptimusOBrien

      This is exactly what they need to happen. I myself and wanting to grab the new iPhone and if they get it and possibly have a promotional plan this could work for me

    • Brandon Arneson

      Their Everywhere 59 plan is their best plan because it includes free Canada and usa roaming off the big3 and part of the roaming is unlimited data

  • Surveillance

    LOL @ lower prices. Value added service for the same price MAYBE.

  • vn33

    “Build it and they will come” … in this case, “it” would be more towers!

  • BaconTroll

    CEO shocks world with innovative strategy of getting more customers so the company can make more money.

  • bloodless

    Increase on-net coverage, and (then) we’ll have something to talk about.
    I’d try them out, but where I live and travel, their coverage is still sketchy.

  • Marshall Davidson

    Get rid of the stupid bear and the cheesy commercials would be a good start. Also, don’t much care for the name “Freedom Mobile” Hokey as hell.

    • monkeymo

      I swear the marketing team held a team meeting at Chucky Cheeses and was like yup this is a great idea.

    • Ian

      CFL fans will have to put up with more of this said cheesy advertising this autumn: Freedom Mobile is a major Grey Cup half time sponsor. What would be nice is if Freedom Mobile had the Home (LTE) Network in every CFL city (Montreal, Winnipeg and Regina do not have it). Maybe in a few years.

  • Bill___A

    Yeah good luck. I wouldn’t sign up if it were a dollar a month. Fix your network, change out a bunch of people at your stores, and get a new advertising agency.