Canadian privacy commissioner pens letter against invasive searches of electronic devices


  • Alex

    ya, i read some pretty shady stuff from the random search and seizure of your devices. I hope this gets through. Dont like the idea of border security taking him phone, and just holding on to it until they are done with it. Apparantly they can keep it too, and say they will mail it to you at a later date. Even if theres no reason for the search itself. They just want to. Pretty messed up.

  • John Lofwire

    So if i understand correctly.

    IF you wana go to the US and the border agent ask you to unlock the device you can say its your right as citizen of Canada to refuse.

    Its then gonna be the right of the Agent to refuse you entry in the USA ( but he wont have right to arrest you )

    So in the end.. not very useful..

  • Waleeed Aly

    So is The Land Of The Canada declaring war against the America?!?