Someone built the Nintendo Switch travel dock you’ve been waiting for

NIntendo Switch

While the Switch is a flawed console, I’m a big fan of Nintendo’s latest system because of its home console-portable nature.

The Switch’s dock is relatively easy to transport and take on trips, but its flimsy plastic can easily be bent and it’s still somewhat bulky. From various teardowns we’ve also learned that the Switch dock is basically empty inside except for a tiny 3-inch circuit board.

This is why I’ve been hoping a third-party manufacturer would come out with a all-in-one cable that replaces the Switchs’ proprietary dock.

The accessory of my dreams doesn’t exist yet unfortunately, but Reddit user ‘imnotashinobi‘ has taken matters into his own hands and has 3D-printed a two-piece case that ditches the extra space and only feature the dock’s internals.

Rather than setting the Switch into the dock, with this device the system only needs to be plugged in via USB-C to output its video signal to a television. The other end of the homemade dock features an HDMI port for plugging it directly into the TV or reciever. While this means you’ll still need to carry around a couple of cables, the homemade device is significantly smaller and more portable than Nintendo’s dock.

While still in the proof-of-concept stage, imnotashinobi says that they eventually plans to sell the tiny dock cases. It’s likely that over the course of the next few months a number of third-party manufacturers will begin releasing Switch docks.

Source: Reddit