CIBC removes mobile payment app from the Google Play Store


  • Devhux

    Even as of this weekend they were advertising this on TV (the one where the penguin buys all the goldfish)

  • Kevin Anders

    It must be a sign Samsung pay is coming out of beta and Android pay is closer

    • It’s Me

      Likely. Doing it through banking apps was always going to be an inferior option to having it built into the phone. Doesn’t seem like anyone really wants to use apps to make payments, just that they had to if they wanted to do mobile payments.

    • John Peters

      How’s Samsung Pay built into the phone? I ask this not having a Samsung phone so please pardon my ignorance. To me, unless it’s a core feature of Android, then Samsung Pay would just be another app. And to add to that, I sure as heck would not in any way be trusting Samsung with my credit card information without first doing a tonne of research on them.

    • It’s Me

      It’s a core feature of Samsung’s android implementation.

      Superficially you’d be more secure with Samsung pay than with 3rd party banking apps or android pay.

    • NFC and tokenization (the secure authentication protocol of many contactless mobile phone apps) are what provide the security. Some telcos try to tie this to the SIM card, but in reality its often that the tokens that provide the security, not the hardware device.

    • It’s Me

      Tokenization is definitely a big part of the security (NFC is not). Another major part is the secure element. Samsung and Apple both use hardware based secure elements that ostensibly are tamper proof/resistant and require physical access in order to access the data anyway. Secure NFC SIMs were created for this same reason since phones at the time had no hardware SE. Contrast that with apps and android pay and, at best, you get a software/cloud based SE via HCE which can never be as secure. That’s a work around for a lack of hardware.

      That is t to say Samsung couldn’t screw up their sexurity. They have a very well earned reputation of not really understanding security nor making it a priority. But at least they made the effort to avoid software/cloud based SEs.

    • Is that a newer development on Samsung’s part? Tbh I haven’t been keeping up on their specific tech since switching 2015 (partially b/c I found Knox frustrating) and was at odds with some of their ui choices (but love the form factor of the S8 :p).

      Speaking of HCE – would it be fair to compare it’s ‘lesser security’ to other “secure clouds” we trust to store other vulnerable data in?

    • It’s Me

      Samsung uses a secure element (Gelmato?) from the start with Samsung pay.

      Re:HCE, sure that would be a fair comparison. But generally we use the cloud because it’s portable, always accessible and always on. We hope it’s secure but use it because of convenience and functionality it provides. For a secure element, it’s primary reason to exist is security. From that perspective it should be as secure as possible. A hardware SE is more secured. A cloud based SE is used because it’s more convenient, not for the user but for the OEM/vendor that can’t or won’t do it in hardware, which overrules the lessor security for their needs…but not yours and mine.

    • Thanks!
      Always enlightening to be part of a good mobile security chat. Having studied / researched HCE & tokenization in line with mobile payments a bit in undergrad (and considering exploring it for my masters thesis from a UXD perspective). All shared knowledge / perspective appreciated (thanks). Unfortunately most of my use cases had to come from other countries as Canada has had lower adoption rates, as many banks and telcos mobile payment apps go the way of this article.

    • It’s Me

      Given that, I’ll defer to your clearly superior knowledge on the matter.

    • Lol, I’m more of an “subject matter learner” opposed to a “subject matter expert” thus always aiming to learn and contribute where I can. This weekend I’m planning to self publish (blog) a couple of my research papers on the topic. If you’re interested I’d love to send you the links and would appreciate your feedback / input.

  • Gilbert Pierre

    This would makes a lot sense if they integrate the capability into their banking app like some of the other Banks do. No sense having to maintain 2 apps just for this.

    • Can’t Fix Stupid

      A separate app is sorta ghetto at this point. With TD’s you can put a widget on your home screen for easy access. Will be interesting to see how this sector develops.

    • It’s Me

      Doesn’t getting rid of one of the apps mean not maintaining 2 apps anymore? Wasn’t that the point?

    • Gilbert Pierre

      Without the mobile payment app, many customers lost the ability to use their CIBC card for mobile payments. Which is why I hope they integrate that capability in their banking app.

    • It’s Me

      Oh ok. Sounded like you were saying they shouldn’t do 2 apps again, which wouldn’t make sense since they just ditched it.

      I expect they removed it because Samsung Pay and android pay will make the app, separate or embedded in another, redundant and inferior.

    • Gilbert Pierre

      Makes sense if imminent, in regards to Android Pay, though if that were the case I’d have waited for the launch and then discontinued 30 days after or something so customers don’t get an interruption from this capability (though I’m unsure if people who already downloaded can still use it).

    • It’s Me

      You’re right, but with the dominance of Samsung with the Android sphere, it was probably seen as almost being the same thing.

  • CoryB

    With a choice between using an app or an Interac Flash card I always would go to the card. Sure my phone is handy and supported but it was still more burdensome than the physical card. A key difference between Canada and the USA is to my knowledge the USA has not widely rolled out tap enabled physical debit and credit cards making a third party service like Apple Pay, Android Pay or others a necessity.

  • Steve Aldred

    Time for some research. Scotia allows mobile payment through their app and it works great. The app doesn’t have to be open for it to work, you can setup your phone so it’s the default payment solution.

    As for CIBC, I guess if you don’t have an iPhone or Galaxy phone there’s no point in banking with them.

    • ToniCipriani ✓pǝᴉɟᴉɹǝʌ

      TD has it too, but screw these proprietary, single institution apps.

    • That’s the problem though.
      There are tons of great choices for third party (including a few Canadian companies), but they generally provide white-label services so it looks like the bank has made this awesome app. In Canada however, the telcos and banks invested millions in trying to build their own where as in Europe, US and Australia, its common practice to have a third party (wrapped) mobile wallet.

    • It’s Me

      Was that the configuration that required you to leave your phone unlocked or otherwise allow payments without authentication? Hope not because that was a ridiculous tradeoff to try to make it usable.

  • formulaphone

    I specifically signed up for a CIBC Visa card to do mobile payments with my LG G5 last May. I guess I’m canceling that card (my only service with CIBC) tomorrow :/

  • ineptone

    I think as a journalist the author of the article should have done more thorough research on what mobile payment options, specifically tap-to-pay via NFC, are available to Canadians. For example, Scotiabank has offered their My Mobile Wallet as an option within their mobile banking app for some time. Having some of my accounts with Scotiabank, I’ve been using mobile tap-to-pay via their app and my OP3T for a while now.

  • Carl Hall

    Google has delayed the Canadian launch 3 times now, as a major oil company keeps having us wait to put the android pay decals up, it was supposed to launch in Dec, then March, then late April, and now we get told no definitive date

    • Can’t Fix Stupid

      For such a large company Google doesn’t seem to have its act together in a lot of areas.

    • Gilbert Pierre

      They seem to throw things at the public and then see what sticks.

    • It’s Me

      People seem to forget google’s reputation for many years was “always in beta”.

    • HoomanB

      Maybe it’s not Google but the Canadian laws. Just like how street view didn’t make it here because they had to filter license plates and faces, or why Google Home hasn’t made it here because it has to support French.

    • Potentially, but could also be the Canadian ‘banks,’ not necessarily the laws. If the banks don’t want their users to share their info with Google Wallet, they can make it very difficult. (If it were a ‘laws’ issue, would we have Apple Pay or Samsung Pay) ?

    • Brian G.

      I’m guessing that’s because Google thinks​ they will have an inside track when cars start buying their own gas. Newsflash: there is no vendor loyalty. Best terms at the time win.

    • It’s Me

      Maybe they are waiting to sign up a big bank.

    • Carl Hall

      then why would they tell partners a date then not stick to it?

    • It’s Me

      Positive thinking?

    • Brian G.

      Umm, it’s a little more than a sticker. Which pumps have tap to pay? It’s​ a massive retrofit.

    • Crazy Legs™

      My understanding from a source in the industry is that the big 3 telcos are dragging their feet because they want some way to get a cut of android pay money. Not sure how they are that involved, but it sounds like their MO.

    • It’s finally here! But it doesn’t support RBC, TD, Capital One, or any credit unions, sadly.

  • Jason Coulls

    More like CIBC just realised the Enstream payment framework (the same one Scotiabank uses on Android) talks to the BWANET API at Bell over http, not https. It’s a no-brainer to remove it ASAP.

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