BBM News launches today worldwide in BBM Discover

BBM App iPhone

Creative Media Works, operating as BBM, is launching BBM News in Discover. The service is available to users worldwide, bringing them local and international news and entertainment stories from major news outlets across the globe.

BBM News is free for all BBM users and available from the BBM Discover menu. News tracks which news are important to users and personalizes the experience by tailoring future appearing news stories accordingly. Through here, stories can also be shared with BBM contacts.

BBM News on iPhone

BBM worked with discovery platform Outbrain and developed the service entirely in-house.

“Our partnership with BBM gives us the opportunity to provide personalized content recommendations at scale, building on the tremendous user engagement and loyalty that BBM has fostered with tens of millions of loyal and active users,” said Matt Crenshaw, global head of distribution at Outbrain, in a press release.

“Along with texting, calling, and email, reading news is one of the most popular things people do on their mobiles,” said Matthew Talbot, CEO of Creative Media Works. “This launch of global and local, curated news brings more of what people want to BBM in a tightly-integrated and compelling news experience.”

BBM is available for download on BlackBerry, iOS and Android devices.