Telus’ Pik TV media box is now available in BC and Alberta


  • MoYeung

    Only for people who have Telus Internet service

  • Hello Moto ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    “Eligible on TELUS Internet 15 or above. Not available to existing Optik TV or Satellite TV customers. Only available in Red Deer, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Grande Prairie, Victoria, Saanich and Prince George.”

  • mizkitty

    Single box…single screen…no PVR.
    Good for single apartment dwellers.
    Looks like your Netflix bandwidth is included…so you save $15 by not having to go “unlimited”.

    • SV650

      Your Pik TV App data consumption is included. All other apps on the device consume billed data just as any other streaming device would. For would-be cord cutters in areas without OTA television available to them it may be a useful choice. It offers a greater selection than available to most cities with a choice of OTA channels, and if most of your viewing needs are satisfied by the channels available, you can indeed save $15 by not having to go unlimited. If the channel selection does not meet your needs, then there is no advantage to having the device over the tools you already use to stream TV.

    • mizkitty

      Does Netflix on the current Optik boxes count against your bandwidth?

      I know my CraveTV only counts if I use the app on my tablet or one of my android boxes.

    • SV650

      Yes, data consumed by Netflix on the Optik box counts towards your data cap. It is treated the same as if it were an App on a Smart TV. Crave is sold as a ‘channel’ rather than an app.

  • ronkhmps

    I certainly not recommending this service to anyone.
    truly based on my experience with this PIKTV service and teslu customer service agents and tech support
    I signed up over two weeks ago and right after the service started I installed the android pikTV app on my phone and android TV box. have in mind that my devices are connected to my router and my router is connected to the telus modem.
    only the first 2-3 day everything worked great and smoothly. while I was waiting for the telus PikTv box to arrive, all of a sudden 6 of my channels including some from +5 stopped working and I got the following error:
    ” sorry, playback is only available when conencted to your telus internet at home. ”
    well nothing was changed. my connection was the same.
    I started contacting the telus tech support. and everytime I was told to restart the router, restart the modem. no other explanation.
    then the PikTV box arrived. now the PikTV box was working fine while connected to the same wifi on my router
    anyways, on the 4th attempt talking to the telus agent we managed to get the piktv app working on my android devices and only if it was connected to the 2.4g wifi on my router.
    now here is another issue with the pikTV app on the android, YOU CAN NOT DISABLE THE AUDIO DESCRIPTION
    yup, I am not lying. whoever developed this app simply forgot to add that option on it. when I told telus, they said “some channel have that and you can not disable it” when I answered, so how come I can disable it on my pikTV box? they answered “we do not know”
    today I noticed that 7 channels on both pikTV app and Pik TV box can not be displayed because I am not connected to telus home network.
    is this a joke? I even connected to the modem directly and the same message showed up.
    I emailed the same agent I talked to last time and he called me back and asked me a whole bunch of unnecessary and pointless questions like, have you reseted the modem to factory defult. do you have VPN… I say pointless because I answered to all of those questions before and yet they are asking the same questions. interestingly the people I thought were from telus tech support are not actually tech support. they are only a messenger between the support team and customers.
    so, as their own telus reps said these guy are just testing the new service and funny thing is they are charging us for it. if you are testing it, why are you asking for money. you should actually be paying us, because users like me are the ones that are testing your system and pointing out the problems
    the verdict, I am gonna wait another day and see if there is a solution. if not I will disconnect this service and try to see what others offer.