How to use 3D Touch to become an iPhone efficiency wizard

3D Touch tips for the iPhone


  • Charles Dawkins

    As a Windows Phone user since 7 I laugh at articles like this because pretty much all smartphone tech advances started with Windows phone yet no one gave it a chance and now it is all but dead. Who will innovate now that Apple and Google can claim as their own.

    • Mr Dog

      No one gave it a chance cause it was so late to the game

    • Sally Mae

      What in tarnation is a ‘windows’ phone?

    • TheCuddlyKoala

      They had plenty of time to get there isht together. Don’t blame consumers for MS shortcomings.

  • ciderrules

    3D Touch on the Phone icon brings up your top 4 favorites to quick dial – this is one I use regularly. Microsoft Office Apps bring up the last 3 documents you have opened for quick access. The trackpad is very useful as you can see where the cursor is (which can be difficult using the older method with the zoomed in bubble as the cursor is under your finger).

    Overall I find 3D Touch very useful. So much better than long pres (which is still there for lesser used functions).

    • Smanny

      3D touch just adds another layer to input on the same touch screen that is on every smartphone. You make it sound like it’s the second coming or something. It’s really no big deal. I bet you that the majority of the people don’t use 3D touch.

    • Peter Inglis

      Actually, I loathe it frequently – like when I’m trying to turn the flashlight on or off. Bloody phone seems to get it’s head stuck up it’s own derriere…

  • TheCuddlyKoala

    Can I get this great technology on my blackberry? Is there an app or something I can download from the BlackberryWorld store?

    • Sally Mae

      Thank you for your interest in our exciting and innovative line of devices and applications, sir.

      While we continually seek to bring class leading technology to market in a timely and industry-leading fashion, the answer to your question is…………

    • TheCuddlyKoala

      Hmmm ok, bummer. Well then can you transfer me to your customer support department? Surely, that is still available right?

    • Sally Mae

      All lines to our call centre in Mogadishu are currently down…please try again next month, sir.

  • jay

    there are still people they do not know they have 3d touch

  • TheCuddlyKoala

    Sorry fandroids.