Destiny 2 reveal trailer announces game’s September 8 release date

Bungie and Activision have announced Destiny 2 and revealed the game’s September 8th release date.

The trailer, entitled “Rally the Troops,” features a character named Cayde 6, voiced by Canadian actor, Nathan Fillion, and titan Vanguard, Commander Zavala. In the trailer, Commander Zavala gives an awe-inspiring speech while Cayde 6 promises “a ton of loot.”

The world of Destiny 2 has changed drastically since the last game as humanity’s last safe city has fallen to Ghaul, the villain in the trailer (for those familiar with the first game’s lore).

Unfortunately, the new trailer is completely cinematic, though Bungie promises a gameplay premiere livestream will be revealed on May 18th.

The standard copy of Destiny 2 is set to cost $79.99 CAD, but if you pre-order the more expensive $119 Expansion pass copy or the $129 Deluxe copy of the game, you’ll get bonus armour and weapons.

Destiny 2 is now available for pre-order on PS4, Xbox One and PC with the promise of early beta access if you pre-order the game. According to Playstation, bonus content is also set to hit the PlayStation 4.