Samsung Canada says there is a ‘larger roll-out strategy’ planned for Samsung Pay


  • Barry Harden

    The Canadian banks have done a HORRIBLE job in advancing the state of mobile payments. They’ve fallen far behind the US and have stunted retail spending. If they only have accepted Android pay, Canadian consumers would have increased retail activity.

    • Roger

      When’s the last time you didn’t buy something at all because they don’t accept mobile payment? One would either whip out a credit/debit card to make the purchase if mobile payment wasn’t available or down in the store.

    • It’s Me

      Yup. Mobile payments are a nice to have, but lacking it is hardly stunting spending.

    • Barry Harden

      It’s about convenience and not having to carry a bunch of credit cards and loyalty cards with you. You can make one payment through using the smartphone and the charge ends up on your credit card plus whatever loyalty points that is associated with the merchant.

    • Brad Fortin

      “They’ve fallen far behind the US”

      The US is still struggling with chip & pin, and most places don’t even have mobile payments yet.

      “If they only have accepted Android pay, Canadian consumers would have increased retail activity.”

      It’s up to Google to bring Android Pay to Canada, just like it’s up to Google to bring Google Voice to Canada, just like it’s up to Google to bring Project Fi to Canada, just like it’s up to Google to bring Google Fibre to Canada, etc. Companies are responsible for their own products.

    • Barry Harden

      What makes you think Google hasn’t tried? Actually it’s the Canadian banks that have held up Android Pay. Unfortunately you need the bank’s approval before implementing a system that transfers credit card information. Google has approached the Canadian banks but it’s likely the financial institutions wanted a large cut from each transaction. This is what’s holding up Android Pay from being accepted.

      I wonder what kind of deal Apple did to push Apple Pay into the market?

    • Brad Fortin

      I wonder why Google hasn’t tried to get the same deal Apple did? After all, there are more Android phones out there than iPhones, many of them with NFC.

      Maybe the banks are just too burned out after the dozens of other mobile payment solutions for Android that’ve tried to launch over the years (if you have a compatible SIM card, a compatible phone, a compatible bank, and a compatible card type), and are still uncertain about which mobile payment system for Android will be worth their time.

    • ciderrules

      No on so many levels.

      – Canada is way ahead in terms of merchants with tap & pay terminals.
      – iOS users spend 5x as much as Android users. Having Android pay isn’t going to cause any jump in spending.
      – I don’t spend more because I use Apple Pay. I use Apple Pay instead of my cards and my spending stats the same.

  • Lion5

    I’ve been using Scotiabank Mobile Wallet for a few years. It does amaze me to see how many businesses do not have tap-enabled card readers. I can do everything via cellphone in Asia. Here, it’s a gamble. I still cannot pay for public transit via mobile… Something they have had in Hong Kong for ages and also Korea, Japan, and China.

    The only reason I would like to use Samsung Pay is that I would be able to pay at any terminal, not just the limited number of tap ones.

    • ciderrules

      I don’t know where you live, but I do 95% of my shopping using Apple Pay. Easily over 100 per month for around $2000.

    • Lion5


  • Jonah Emery

    When it comes to Samsung and Android Pay I will believe it when I see it. Ridiculous that we still don’t have it while Apple Pay continues chugging along quite nicely in Canada.

  • o3mta3o

    So far borderline 3rd world countries are getting it before Canada. Starting a beta program hardly counts as a launch and they should stop trying to claim it as such.

    • Dankey

      I’m gonna buy a goat with it.

  • Ipse

    By CIBC… do they mean PC Financial too? I only have an account with the flank bank and didn’t see any ads re Samsung Pay.

  • Dimitri

    How is it that Apple pay has mostly all the banks on board yet Samsung Pay does not or they do not want too. It seems like the ones with a Android device and or Samsung device are getting screwed over. It could be the banks doing this but doubt toot about a feature when it’s useless to most of us as not everyone has a CIBC account.

  • Omar

    The epitome of “first world problems” lol… Having to carry a wallet, oh God no, please somebody make it stop! Having to insert your chip and spend 10 seconds of your valuable time is uncalled for.

    • o3mta3o

      Once upon a time people said that about phones.

    • jonathan marcil

      À NEED IS RELATIVE. It’s summer, I wear no jacket. I’m wearing flip-flops shorts, and a t-shirt. So carrying my phone alone is what I’m looking for. So asking people to stop wanting what YOU don’t need is not helping what WE need.

  • Savbers

    BTW, since the Nougat update, in-app NFC solutions work much more reliably because of Tap-to-Pay integration in Nougat. Haven’t missed Samsung pay since the update!

  • Mike

    Saying that Apple Pay users spend or use mobile payments more than Android users in Canada is wrong! Very wrong. ApplePay users use mobile payment systems only because it’s available to them. Android mobile payment systems don’t exist in Canada other than some flaccid soft launch through CIBC which is a joke at that.

    The big five Canadian banks are all trying to launch their very own platform further spreading concern that a unified system will never work.

  • elevtechlift

    Still waiting for Android Pay… I wonder what’s holding up the official launch. Is it TransLink Compass Card, Metrolinx PRESTO, OPUS Card, a particular financial institution, or something else? I really hope with recent new features such as Mobile Banking app integration and PayPal support, this would help Android Pay to launch in more countries sooner.

  • o3mta3o

    Lol. No there isn’t. Quit lying.

  • LifeWulf

    Think I’ll give it another month or two, and if Samsung Pay still doesn’t support my CIBC VISA Debit card, I’ll root. Samsung Pay and Samsung Pass are the only things holding me back from rooting.

    I ONLY use Samsung Pay for my SCENE card at this point. Yes, I have a credit card, but I only use that for my Internet bill. It takes days for CIBC to process payments to the card and I have a low limit (never bothered to increase it after 3-4 years). It’s too risky to use my credit card as a replacement for my debit card, not to mention more of a hassle.