Huawei P10 and P10 Plus are coming to Canada this spring


  • Eric Tang

    Hopefully they won’t be carrier locked…

    • Acrobat1991

      LOL if they are sold by these carriers, was it ever sold unlocked? What I’m hoping for is a way still to buy this phone (newegg, etc) and being unlocked. I’m with Koodo so this is an interesting option for me…if I can buy it unlocked

    • Eric Tang

      I am enjoying my Mate 9 from B&H Photo… Looking forward to try the P10+.

    • Godfrey Craig

      Can you purchase mate 9 in Canada

    • Eric Tang

      Yes, from B&H Photo or NewEgg; they both ship to Canada.

    • Godfrey Craig


    • Eric Tang

      I have been using the Mate 9 (US version,) on Rogers for sometime now and have no problem. Please check your provider’s frequencies before purchase.

    • Godfrey Craig

      Does it use a nano sim

    • Eric Tang

      Yes dual nano as per device specs.

    • Godfrey Craig

      Is it guaranteed to work in Canada

  • Acrobat1991

    Where are the “Below are the complete specs”?

    • Should be there… refresh your browser. ^Ian

    • Brad Fortin

      Still no specs on Tuesday afternoon.

  • Jason van de Laar

    Checked out the specs for the P10+ from GSM Arena. This thing is built like a tank. 6 GB of RAM and 3750 mAh battery just to name a few key points.

  • jellmoo

    Well, colour me intrigued. I was rather hoping it would be available unlocked like the Mate 9, but this is definitely food for thought.

  • Roger

    I want my fingerprint sensor in the front. So this is a better alternative to the upcoming GS8 or LG G6.

  • Dimitri

    Might want to edit your article with correct information. On Facebook you are saying Rogers will exclusively get this.

  • Garrett Cooper

    Not seeing the specs?

  • lukesterwpg

    No Telus? sad face 🙁

  • Chris Chen

    freedom mobile?

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  • Shafin Rehman

    I’ve been reading reviews and my interest in this phone is growing. I’d love to get my hands on the P10 Plus model but unfortunately I’m on Bell. I hate how the Plus model is a Rogers exclusive.

    Does anyone know if one carrier would be willing to obtain a device from another carrier under any circumstances? I’d assume it’d have to be unlocked first understandably.