Watch the BlackBerry MWC 2017 keynote presentation live stream here


  • Supa_Fly

    Wow … first few minutes of the launch video shows a team of people around the meeting table 26:35 featuring not one but TWO Apple devices: MacBook Air and iPad 1 and yet not 1 not even 1 single BlackBerry device at all. LMAO. What a fail and horrible attention to detail.

    TCL like BlackBerry you’re not even going to take yourselves serious enough to try about details?! DETAILS!

    • Karl

      This is reminiscent of their yearly ‘Security Summits’ where if you pay close attention nearly everyone in the room is using a product other than a Blackberry.
      But then what’s the alternative? The brand just isn’t popular anymore and if you have to resort to handing out BB phones at their events in order to make the photo ops look good then that’s saying something.

    • Chug that haterade

      Shogun ^^^

      Ps. You’re delusional if you think everyone at their security summits should be using a BlackBerry….