Never make a packing list again with PackPoint [App of the week]

PackPoint app on iPhone

If you’re anything like me, packing is the last thing you do while planning for a vacation.

More often than not in fact, I’m left searching frantically for my swimsuit and flip flops two hours before I have to get on the plane.

Furthermore, I’m never sure of what exactly I need to pack. How many pairs of shoes do I need? Do I really need three kinds of sunscreen? Can I leave the curling iron at home?

PackPoint app on iPhone

Both of these common travel problems can be solved with one solution. PackPoint is a travellers companion app that not only allows globe trotters to make a packing list, but generates that list for you once you’ve selected the activities you’ll be participating in.

To demonstrate this, I decided to plan my dream vacation, two weeks in Barcelona, and see what the app thought I needed based on the activities I selected.

Upon selecting the female option, and suggesting that I’d be swimming, taking pictures, eating out and going to the beach, PackPoint generated a fairly comprehensive list of essentials for each of those activities.

PackPoint list

Each list also gives me the option to delete or add items depending on my specific needs. It’s enough to make me believe, even for a moment, that I’m actually leaving for a two-week European vacation.

The app is available on the Apple Store and the Play Store for free, as well as a premium version which is available for $3.99.