LG’s new 4K OLED TV is thinner than most smartphones, must be wall-mounted


  • MrQ

    Thinner than “most” smartphones? Which smartphone is thinner than 2.57mm?

    • Brad Fortin

      Most of them, if you do what LG did and remove the guts of the device from behind the display and run the display cable to a separate box that contains all the guts.

      So really the device is still pretty thick, they just made the display portion thinner and moved away from the rest of the device.

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  • Chug that haterade

    I absolutely love the 65″ LG UHDTV in my “mancave”. The WebOS interface is awesome.

  • Raj Singh

    If it’s 2.57 millimetres, it’s thinner than every single mobile phone on the market.

  • LeTricolore

    There’s really no need whatsoever to make a TV this thin, but it’s still pretty cool.

    • bruteMax

      Well that’s kinda obvious, but the gulf between bleeding edge tech and need is usually quite vast.

  • Stephen Broadhead

    Agree with Le Tri.. Too thin not required. Chance they would be too easy to break. Still, I’d really like one…if only my wife was as seduced by OLED as I. Darn 52″ Sharp Aquos is still working fine albeit at 1080P.