Classic NES Megaman games land on iOS and Android in Canada on January 5th


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  • One of the hardest set of games in my childhood. Betting a single boss was bragging rights where I grew up.

    • gommer strike

      Great to see a fellow Megaman fan.

      Once you figure out the sequence by which to take out the bosses, the games end up being actually kinda easy. The sheer difficulty doesn’t quite measure up to the original Castlevania, same with Ghosts ‘N Goblins.

      My idea of a challenge at the time was to fight each boss with nothing but just the standard Megaman pea shooter. No special abilities, no health refills, nothing.

    • The original Castlevania was insane. Simple jumping from one platform to the next could be game over

    • gommer strike

      Yup, but after countless plays of the various stages, dying over and over, you start to memorize the patterns and the most optimal methods of navigating each point. You expect that medusa head to do her usual parabolic arc and timed jumps and cracks of the whip just become muscle memory, and the play throughs start to look less like cacophonic reactions and more like practiced artform.

  • Kei

    I can’t imagine playing these games well with a touchscreen, what with the lack of tactile feedback, and fingers covering parts of the screen. I hope there is good controller compatibility.

  • MoYeung

    $1.99 USD, but $2.89 CAD per game.