T-Connect Wi-Fi and cell service now available at five additional TTC stations


  • Sky

    Not that I don’t appreciate the updated list of stations, but we on Wind’s network have had cellular access at Lansdowne for weeks, if not months.

    • Stephen B Morris

      The announcement is late. Jane was up and running for WiFi months ago as well. Better late than never I suppose.

  • idi u kurac

    When the news broke out about WIND offering service in the subway tunnels I assumed it was an exclusivity thing they paid big bucks for to be the only ones to offer this service. But it seems BAI has built the infrastructure for anyone to use and that the reason why Robellus don’t yet offer the service is because they don’t want to. I guess the reason they don’t want to sign on is because it would mean using a third party’s cell phone antennas but does it honestly kill them to do that?

    • MrEeeaddict

      “because it would mean using a third party’s cell phone antennas”

      This is Canada, they have terrible motives actually.

      They are hoping to kill BAI and pay the ttc a lot less and eliminate the free wifi bit. This way people “waste” their data and hit their cap faster

    • idi u kurac

      True, Montreal’s subway already has LTE on some parts of their system but no free Wi-Fi in the stations. I really hate that this country is like this

    • MrEeeaddict

      “free healthcare” the 1 excuse everyone gives to ignore our problems lol

    • S.

      lol… as if most countries in the developed world don’t already have free healthcare (might I add much better than ours). But of course the average Canadian is delusional and isn’t capable at all of making criticism of many things in Canada that need to be fixed