Sony launches academic awards program for North American universities

Sony launched the Sony Research Program this past Tuesday to provide funding to North American universities researching emerging technologies and disruptive trends.

The Sony Research Program will include two submission categories; Faculty Innovation Awards and 2016 Focus Research Awards.

According to a statement sent to MobileSyrup, “by fostering relationships with academic institutions, Sony aims to spearhead advanced research concepts and drive towards development, further demonstrating Sony’s vision of integrating creativity and innovation, through pioneering engineering.”

The Faculty Innovation Awards will grant up to $100 thousand to institutions submitting research projects that fall within Sony’s own research interests, including  Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Virtual Reality, Autonomous Driving and Robotics. These awards are not open to extension.

The annual Focused Research Awards grants up to $150 thousand to conduct research in one field that falls within Sony’s interests, including Sensor Fusion for Automotive Application, Image-based Photo-realistic Rendering, High-accuracy Inertial Navigation System and Evolving Reinforcement Learning. This research will be done in close collaboration with Sony. These awards offer the possibility for extension.

A list of requirements is available on the program website to determine eligibility, as well as the specific differences between the two awards. Proposals can be submitted by Proposals can be submitted by university Principal Investigators, as well as assistant, associate and full professors between August 1 and September 30.

Winners will be announced in February of 2017.

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