Google Play Store now notes whether apps and games are supported with ad placements

Google has started rolling out a helpful new feature to the Play Store to help users make better app purchasing and downloading decisions.

Moving forward, app pages will have labels notifying consumers whether an app or game has ad placements within the application. The label, which is Google is currently in the process of rolling out to users across the globe, is located under the “Install” button located at the top right of an app page. It joins the “contains in-app purchases” label Google added to the Play Store.

Google started to send out emails to developers this past November, notifying them that they would be required to disclose whether their app contained ads or not. “Early next year, users will start to see the “Ads” label on apps that contain advertising, both inside and outside Designed for Families,” said the email.

If you visit the Play Store and don’t see the new label, check back in a couple of days; the change is a server-side update that’s being rolled out to users in increments.

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