OPP says distracted driving is the number one factor in road deaths


  • Jim D

    Yet they talk on their walkies and type on their laptops while driving. So according to their stats, they cause more deaths on the road than civilians. Smh cops need to get off their high horse.

  • MoYeung

    I can’t post url link here … but I find Every Year in the province of Ontario, there is close to 2,200 Fatalities in traffic related deaths each year in recent times.

  • JD

    If they just make cars less safe the problem would just take care of itself.

  • HelloCDN

    So are they going to ban hands-free features in cars? As well as talking with passengers, listening to radio and adjusting a/c while driving?
    When are they going to talk about real problem – lack of driving skills?
    Also, the way they catch the offenders is ridiculous. In BC, the cops just hide in bushes in heavy traffic areas and wait till the rush hour. Because, as we know, the highest threat from cell phone use behind the wheel is when you stand in a bumper-to-bumper traffic moving 5 km/h.
    P.S. I am not against the law – I fully support fining the i****s who use their cell phone when actually moving above 20km/h. But cell phones are not a sole problem.