Best Mobile Game of 2015: Square Enix Montreal’s Lara Croft Go is nearly perfect


  • MassDeduction

    Oddly, when I went to purchase Lara Croft Go for Windows it was showing at $2.29 on the web and my Windows tablets, but still $5.79 on the Windows Phone store app. But it’s a universal app that works on Windows mobile and PCs. So I paid the $2.29 and got it for both PC and phone by making sure I didn’t purchase it on the phone. I’ve not run into that when purchasing universal apps before, it was strange.

    • That’s pretty weird. I’ve never heard of that issue before.

    • ugg i misse d it its 5.79 now must have been on sale.

  • Niall

    The expansion would be a great value if it worked at all, but my Idol 3 just hangs after several seconds of screen loading… the dashed line leading to the first level just stops dashing and nothing happens. Has anyone else had this issue? Otherwise I do really like this game.