CRTC fines two home improvement companies $170,000 for violating telemarketing rules


  • Matt

    I’m sorry but $140,000 and $30,000 are not anywhere close to hefty fines. That’s only a few pocket change compared to how much profits these companies make. Handing out pocket change fines is not gonna stop these companies from doing Telemarketing calls. They profit way more doing these telemarketing calls than what the pocket change fines are. CRTC needs to start handing out real hefty fines which would pretty much cripple a company and make them either go bankrupted or force to close their businesses. This would make these companies wise up and stop doing Telemarketing calls. Telemarketing calls are the worse calls I hate getting on my cellphone. These companies have no business calling and harassing people. If these people wanted to do business with these companies they would call that company up themselves. Start handing out $100 million dollar fines this would wake the hell up these companies and would force all telemarketing calls to finally be done with.

    • Graham Fluet

      “Both companies have now agreed to act in accordance to the telecommunications rules moving forward.” It seems it worked. A fine does not have to bankrupt a company to be effective, and there will be further and larger fines if later on they are found to be not complying.

    • Jason

      Not every company fined is the scale of Bell and Rogers. Although I couldn’t find their company value (which in a way implies they are towards the smaller side of companies) having a 5 or 6 digit fine could hurt allot more than what you think

    • Tim

      lol $100 million dollars? because every company is making that kind of money every year, right …

    • Niall

      I think this is more of a slap on the wrist meant as a warning – although getting even $30,000 in cash, immediately, is a struggle for most companies as their value is not the same as their bank account balance – with the big proviso of getting them to agree to toe the line as to the rules.

      Meaning that the next time they’re found in violation, it’s not a mere warning, but the big guns. The kind that hurts and might sink a company.

  • El Capitan Morgan

    I am still receiving a lot from WestJet. They should get at least $500K fine.

    • Nena

      Given that those calls aren’t usually from Westjet, but rather from scammers trying to steal your personal info, it wouldn’t make much sense to fine Westjet