New SwiftKey for Android 6.0 beta adds double-word prediction and new emoji panel


The latest update to the beta version of SwiftKey for Android, version 6.0, brings a number of notable improvements to the popular third-party keyboard app.

For instance, the new version features double-word prediction and a more accessible emoji panel.

SwiftKey’s new word prediction feature, unlike most smartphone keyboards, has the ability to predict the next two words in a sentence, resulting in a typing experience twice as fast, according to SwiftKey’s recent blog post on the update.

Double-word prediction is built directly into the new version of SwiftKey, which means the new feature doesn’t need to be manually turned on. The feature is also compatible with all 100 languages currently supported by the keyboard app.

In terms of the app’s new revamped emoji panel, SwiftKey says it now loads faster and that it’s easier to find because of a new dedicated emoji ribbon running across the top of the screen.

SwiftKey also says that the app’s settings menu has been overhauled for the first time since its launch back in 2010, dividing its settings into four distinct categories: languages, themes, typing style and SwiftKey account.

Furthermore, SwiftKey has revamped its stock theme with a new design that falls in line with Android 6.0 Marshmallow’s material design approach, called “Carbon Light.”

It’s unclear if SwiftKey also plans to update the iOS version of its keyboard application with these new features as well.

Download SwiftKey Beta in the Android Google Play Store.

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