TomTom releases Android navigation app with freemium business model

Global navigation data provider, TomTom, has released a new Android app that migrates its SatNav front-end user interface and traffic data to a mobile app.

While navigation data has been made available for free to Canadians through Apple Maps and Google Maps, TomTom is well known for having more comprehensive coverage.

The new app, dubbed TomTom GO Mobile, allows users 75km of free traffic data every month, with an in-app subscription of $22.99 for one year, or $51.99 for three (though existing TomTom navigation subscribers get three years of service for $0.99). Offline service, another mainstay of the TomTom SatNav offering, is also offered to subscribers, as is Speed Camera alerts.

TomTom also offers worldwide mapping data in 111 countries, with four annual updates per calendar year, with a subscription.

Obviously, mapping customers are not accustomed to paying for services these days — Google has negatively impacted the fortunes of companies like Garmin, Nokia (HERE) and TomTom — but the premium data offered in TomTom GO Mobile is considerably more exhaustive than the free services built into Android and iOS.

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