Humble Mobile Bundle 10 brings Sorcery! 2, OTTTD, Lyne, Doodle Kingdom and more

Humble Bundle is back with its tenth pay-what-you-want mobile gaming offering.

This time, there’s no one publisher, developer or theme to unite these DRM-free Android games, other than they’re all high quality titles.

All buyers, regardless of minimum spend, will get three games: Buddy & Me, an all-ages family-friendly platformer that takes place in the world of dreams; Lyne, a critically-acclaimed so-simple-it’s-hard puzzle game; and Doodle Kingdom, the choose-your-own-adventure drawing-based puzzle game.

Anyone who spends more than the average, at this time around $4.10, will also get dynamic narrative storybook game, Sorcery! 2 as well as King of Dragon Pass and OTTTD, the latter of which is a fun tower defence game with some attitude.

Of course, like other campaigns, more games will be added throughout the week, and all the proceeds can be split between Humble Bundle itself, the game developers and two games-focused charities.

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