Qualcomm teases the LG G Flex 2 for CES 2015


Every year at CES, there are a few prominent trends. Smartphones had their time a couple of years ago. This year, the hot topics are expected to be cars, wearables, and IoT, with perhaps a dash of 3D printing thrown in for good measure. However, that doesn’t mean the show will be devoid of exciting new phones for us to drool over.

Case-in-point: Qualcomm is teasing a new phone from a mystery manufacturer at CES. The device will pack Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 SoC. That’s all we officially know. But, thanks to LG’s unmistakable design language, we are pretty certain that this is a new ‘G’ phone from the South Korean electronics company.

It’s a little bit too early for a G4, which would most likely have a Snapdragon 810 anyway, but we’re well overdue for a second look at the G Flex and we heard rumours in November that it would debut at CES. The G Flex, in case you don’t recall, was LG’s actually flexible curved smartphone. It debuted in late 2013 and was unique in that it also contained a curved and flexible battery as well as a bendy display.

LG’s CES press conference is invitation-only and it kicks off at 8am on Monday, January 5th in Mandalay Bay. The company apparently has a multitude of product announcements planned for this press conference (covering everything from phones and TVs to appliances) but has only 45 minutes of stage time, so its likely to be an action-packed event.