Huawei will update Ascend Mate 2 to Lollipop in ‘the first half of next year’


  • XPaul XC

    My Ascend D1 Quad XL came out in Nov 2012, still no official update from ICS. Was promised to get Jelly Bean around mid 2013, but update never arrived. So I wouldn’t hold my breath on the Mate 2 getting Lollipop that soon, if ever

  • Pessimistic George

    By the second half of next year that device will be end of life and WIND will not selling it and I don’t think they will be passionate enough for customer experience to bother with this. If my memory serves right, there were at least couple of WIND devices were promised upgrades but never happened….
    On top of this, there is a big difference between statement issued by Huawei US and Canada. Market size and carrier enthusiasm play a big role in this, so I don’t think WIND customer will see this. Get a custom ROM and get rid of that emotion UI and probably you will be in far in better hand!