Instagram rolling out ads to Canadian users “over the coming weeks”

Instagram has announced that it will begin rolling out ads to Canadian users “over the coming weeks.” In a post from its own Instagram account, the Facebook-owned company said that it will work with brands that already have a presence on the network.

American users have been seeing ads on Instagram since last October, its home country a testing ground for changes like this. Canadians will likely see only static images, since the company just today announced it would be rolling out video ads over the next few weeks to American users. This week, Facebook announced its Q3 earnings, mentioning that its full-width video ads helped North American ARPU (average revenue per user) rise to $1.36 billion, but failed to note how much revenue ads brought to Instagram.

Users can hide or report undesirable ads by tapping the three dots to the right of the image, which will work to influence ads shown in the future. Because Instagram users tend to be more sensitive to advertising than those on Facebook, the company has been careful about the volume of feed disruptions.