Photo-editing and creative ad platform Aviary acquired by Adobe

Aviary photo editor

The folks at Adobe are starting the week off with a little bit of shopping. The company today announced plans to acquire photo editing platform Aviary.

Financial details of the deal were not disclosed, but a blog post over on Aviary’s own website reveals that the acquisition is actually a result of Adobe’s acquisition of Behance, which the company bought 18 months ago. Aviary and Behance are geographically very close so when Adobe stepped in, Aviary was suddenly very close to a whole new company — one that was in the middle of an effort to push its technology to third party platforms.

That’s kind of right where Aviary is positioned. The company’s SDK allows developers to add photo editing functionality to their applications (examples include Tango, Polaroid, Squarespace, Photobucket, and Flickr) and Aviary also has its own apps for editing photos on iOS and Android. This is alongside a creative ad platform that allows brands to create custom stickers and flyers for deployment in Aviary-equipped apps.

Aviary CEO Tobias Peggs was quick to assure users that the acquisition wouldn’t mean an interruption in service for the community or the apps themselves. Instead, it will be business as usual while the two companies work to incorporate Photoshop technology, the ability to save work to Creative Cloud in Adobe file formats, and more.

Scott Belsky, VP of Creative Cloud Ecosystem & Behance at Adobe, confirmed that the company will use the Aviary team and platform to boost its Creative SDK, making it ‘even more powerful’ for app developers. The Creative SDK gives developers access to the Adobe APIs, previously only available to the Adobe engineers, and is currently in testing with developers. Adobe is planning a beta launch soon, but hasn’t offered anything more specific than ‘in the coming months.’

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