@evleaks’ ‘One More Thing’ is a render of the Moto X+1

Isn’t this a nice surprise? Though the man is ostensibly gone from the leaking game, his ‘retirement gift’ to us is a render of two Moto X+1 models, the standard black version, and what appears to be a white version with the wooden Moto Maker backing.

These renders are for Verizon, but it’s safe to say that at least the black version will be available in Canada come September.

What we can see verifies all former leaks of the Motorola device: the camera flash seems to be inset around the lens, and the front speaker and headpiece take cues from the Moto E. The screen bezels also appear to be even slimmer than last year’s Moto X, though it’s unclear at this point whether the company will continue using AMOLED for the display.

We’ll know more on September 4th, so stay tuned.