CRTC throws the book at Québec Loisirs, fines them $200,000 for violating telemarketing rules

The CRTC is on a roll with handing out the fines to companies disobeying the Unsolicited Telecommunications Rules. Last week, we saw Suitelife pay a $20,000 fine for calling registered users of the National Do Not Call List, and this week it’s Quebec-based Québec Loisirs, a retailer of books and DVDs, fined a whopping $200,000 for unwanted telemarking calls to Canadians.

The CRTC notes, “Québec Loisirs had made calls to numbers registered on the National DNCL as well as calls without registering to certain area codes. In addition to paying the administrative monetary penalty, Québec Loisirs has committed to ensure future compliance with the Rules.”

[source] CRTC [/source]