Apple Canada shortens in-store iPhone return window to 15 days


  • Stephen_81

    You would think that if they are so confident that people wont return the devices that they’d extend the ONLINE purchase return policy to 30 days, instead of restricting the instore purchasers to 15 days.

    That said I think 15 days being the industry average is completely acceptable and understandable. And it is good that they are doing a unified web/Store policy

  • goolger


  • Lakh Jhajj

    Not good. Apple is a confident brand, they should increase the return period more than others to give customers a psychological advantage that they have 30 days to try the new iPhone as compared to 14 days through a carrier.

    • Dave

      That’s because in real life their products are garbage, and the future items they sell would probably get worse.

    • PT

      Don’t give them the truth with you. LOL!

  • KiwiBri

    Does airtime usage factor in as well like at the carrier stores?

    • Dj

      I know for a fact the big companies still take into consideration the talk time that occurs within the first 15 days.. do you have a link to any proof of the changes?

    • Guest

      As someone who works with one of those big companies I can say that talk time is still taken into consideration within the first 15 days.

    • Bri Bru

      Is that with all carriers too? dang I did have this issue in the past with WIND and this scumb** didn’t let me return it…

    • Jazz

      I work at Bell and they’ve aligned with this policy. It’s currently 15 days or 30 minutes of talk time to do a buyer’s remorse (switch to a different phone). For a defective unit (DOA) you have 15 days, with no calling restriction, to return the phone for a new unit of the same make, model and colour.

    • Comrade Yeti

      Incorrect. There can still be usage limits per the new wireless code.

    • Comrade Yeti

      4. Trial Period. iii.
      A service provider may establish reasonable limits on the use of voice, text, and data services for the trial period.

    • Comrade Yeti

      4. Trial Period. iii.
      A service provider may establish reasonable limits on the use of voice, text, and data services for the trial period.

  • MXM4K

    Better to keep things standard, though it sucks that it results in a reduction of the window here. People might say that Apple should be confident in their products, but have you seen the lineups at their stores for every single product launch? Apple doesn’t need to do anything extra to keep most customers.

    • alphs22

      Because KIA needs these additional incentives to sell their cars.
      iPhones are selling like hotcakes.

  • cs098


  • Victor_Creed

    “but we’ll take it.” Dry, no lube.

  • Kaathas

    This doesn’t suprise me since the time frame for DoA’s has changed from 30 days to 15, maybe thats what Apple’s been following.

  • goolger

    put your brand where your mouth is. kia, a crappy car manufacturer gives 100,000km/10YR warranty because they stand by their brand..why is apple scaling back?

  • ScooterinAB

    … Umm… Anyone else notice that there was no mention of the online return window changing? I’f I’m correct, this means that in-store is 15 days while online is still 14 days.

    Way to go Apple.

  • Lyndon Boychuk

    2 weeks should be enough…makes sense to bring it to the same standards as others. If you do enough prior research into the product you are buying there should be no problem…just don’t talk on it for more than 30 minutes (which I think is standard) and use the 2 weeks you have to look for any flaws or bugs.

  • realitycheck

    Its the people that repeatedly do full refunds “borrowing” the gadget for 29days that ruin it for us all…