Twitter reportedly working on a commerce play, leak reveals ‘Twitter Commerce’


  • Ontari_do_not

    $65 for a coffee mug?!?! I’m having a mild anxiety attack!

    • Dimitri

      its made out of double walled porcelain and the tears of a gypsy. well worth the money

    • Mugged

      My Thoughts Exactly! it better Have A Few $20 Bills inside

  • ld

    Oh no. This means more sponsored tweets cluttering my feed. I always press the X to dismiss sponsored tweets, on the slim chance that Twitter keeps stats of how much I hate them, and will put up less of them. Wishful thinking, I know.

    • thas ★

      I don’t actually mind sponsored tweets. They usually have something to do with what I’m interested in & they don’t pop up that often.