Zepp Labs Sports Sensor confirms your golf swing is terrible, and shows you how to fix it (Hands-on)

One of the more exciting sensor-based innovations at this year’s CES Unveiled event was from Zepp Labs. The company has created a multi-sensor sports platform to help people analyze their swings and improve your game whether it’s baseball, tennis or golf.

Unlike other sensor-based fitness devices which you wear on your body, Zepp’s solution is mounted to the sports equipment itself. Zepp’s neon yellow sensor, the size of a Toonie, fits nicely into a mount which can be attached to the bottom of any tennis racket, baseball bat or special golf glove. The fact that Zepp’s sensor can be mounted to most off-the-shelf sports equipment is a major benefit to consumers.

The sensor, a combination of accelerometer and gyroscope, gathers real-time information on each swing. According to Zepp, the sensor records 1,000 data points per second. This information is then sent to an iOS or Android app wirelessly where it is analyzed and visualized.

The sensor has a flash storage which holds up to about 2,000 swings and a battery life of up to eight hours of continuous swing recording (if you can last that long) and charges via USB in just under three hours.

Zepp Labs

The app provides you with a three dimensional, 360-degree rendering of your swing along with data particular to each sport including speed, angle, tempo and in the case of tennis a breakdown of the shot type. There is a separate app for each of the three sports Zepp currently supports.

The company offers kits for each sport for $149.99 each. If you are super athlete and play all three, you can just buy one kit and purchase a special mount for your other equipment at a cost of $10 each.

I asked Zepp if they had plans to roll out other sports like hockey in the near future but they chose not to comment. But their technology seems easily scalable to any swing-based sport.