Samsung unveils the Galaxy Camera 2, debuts Selfie Alarm feature


  • daftchemist

    You could get an eye-fi card that would upload directly to your computer if you have wifi. But I guess if you need 3G this is the best option.

  • Omis

    I would get this only because I hate carrying bulky dslr cameras. Depends on the picture quality though.

    • TP


  • Bbrysucks

    And DSLRs now have WiFi capabilities so why wouldn’t you use them.

  • TP

    Get Sony QX10 or QX100.
    QX10 being only $199.
    QX100 being at $550 with F1.8 Carl Zeiss and 1″ sensor.
    Why pay $600 for something with a $100-200 quality lens + sensor and something that is just so identical to your phone without call functionality?

    • TP

      Oh, I get that part..

    • oz

      If you’re worried about that you could get the Lumia 1020 with the camera grip, which is still more svelte then this monstrosity, plus would give you additional run/picture/data time over this thing. However, something tells me you have already made you mind up and probably discounted all logical solutions.

  • oz

    For mobile phone cameras the Lumia 1020 is still light years better then this but their are other options with Wi Fi SLR and mirroless cameras that pair to mobile phone.

    • oz

      Uhhh.. What photo apps or social feeds/updating is windows phone missing now? Or we now just guessing that maybe the next newest thing won’t come out to windows phone?

      I guess you haven’t really looked into this option or you would now that people in your profession with Windows Phone use the 6tag app, which has capabilities that exceed the official Instagram (higher res pictures, more themes, collages etc) app release on iOS, Android and the Beta WP8 app and would provide you with better results. However, if your seriously considering this monstrosity as a solution, something tells me you really haven’t down your homework on which would be the best equipment for your line of work.

  • kakarot11

    I am sad to see this for one major reason… and I do suggest buyer beware. I bought the first camera, the first day it was available in the UK. I do love the camera, and I often use it as my phone (aside from calling of course). I show it off proudly and everyone that has seen it or asked about it was blown away…. although, they have never seen or heard of it…. any, my major complaint is Samsung had abandoned it from day one and it never ever updated the os or any bug fixes. Yes it is a camera, but it has become laggy, unresponsive at times… down right painful. I even did a complete wipe and re-install. Overall I still love the camera, the weird thing is…. it is still very much like a cell phone camera and you really have to work to get a great photo… be it lighting or blurry (which I never really struggled with on other digital cameras). I have mastered it but my wife and others constantly take useless blurry photos. Even the settings like action shot do not seem to work very well… and I find auto to work better at my kids hockey games…. however, I think the lack of memory may be the original devices problem, but again… my biggest disappointment is the complete lack of support from day one. Makes me think it will be no different this time around either.

  • Chris Radenovic

    ^ this is why youths dislike old people. If you knew how to use your phone you’d find out that keeping up to date with technology isn’t very hard. And considering you’ve posted 10 times on this one article I wouldn’t be talking about not having a life.

    What a t**t.

  • Planet

    Ha, too funny!

    Nice catch Oz on the ad hominem attack, in his 10 or so more posts he hasn’t really made a case why this camera phone is better then the alternatives. Something tells me he is an arts major that likes to pretend he’s into tech. Not worth your time, just let him buy what will get him cred in his circle of friends.

  • Planet

    I do this in my job, I take pics and video with my SLR and wirelessly transfer them to my phone . I then can choose whatever service my phone has to upload them to the cloud.

    • Planet

      Its not that difficult at all. 100 times easier then what I used to have to do in the old days. I spend most of time covering concerts and sporting events and never had any real issues with getting to the front of crowds. Actually most people get out of your way when you have a huge telephoto lens or loaded down with kit.

  • Planet

    I am starting to believe what other commenters are saying about you.

    With Eye-Fi you can actually upload directly to the service of your choice. You could just turn your phone into a wireless AP for the Eye-Fi card and upload to most of the popular services. Once its uploaded, to the cloud. you should be able to easily move it anywhere you want.

  • Gump

    Any how does the Galaxy Gear solves any of these issues?

    Is still has a tiny battery that you’ll need to recharge through the night.

  • Gump

    I doubt anyone would take you anymore seriously with Galaxy Gear over a Camera Phone. It’s not a professional looking camera or phone for that matter.