‘Selfie’ is Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year


  • deltatux

    Are you freaking serious?

  • Tariq khan

    3rd from the right 2nd row DAMNNN

  • Jonathan Schmitt


  • Sweet

    So let me get this straight. The stories I sent to the MobileSyrup admins, such as the story about the timeline of how the Canadian government has distributed wireless spectrum over the years, or how many patents are involved in the creation of a smartphone, do not get posted (implying that they’re not newsworthy to Canadians) but a story about the Oxford dictionary declaring “selfie” as word of the year does. What a joke.

    • hi

      slow day for news. they couldve said how surface pro 64gb was selling for $580.

      ian is a beliber.

    • Nadefrenzy

      Do link that timeline of spectrum distribution.

    • Handheld Addict

      We can’t link here. Mods would delete the post.

    • Sweet

      Unfortunately, as Handheld Addict pointed out, I’m not allowed to post links. However, you can easily find it by going to The National Post’s site and searching for “spectrum graphic”.

    • J-Ro

      This site isn’t about education. It is for venting and getting a laugh at ignorance. Judging from all these “news” blogs, you would think learning is the anti-profit.

  • Super_Deluxe

    They might as well add swag to the mix…

    • J-Ro

      That’s coming in 2014

    • Stephen_81

      Swag has been in the English vernacular for hundreds of years. The usage today has been skewed mind you.

  • hi

    ay my comment got deleted. that was palm face ffs. dirty mind, mobile syrup mods, dirty mind.i could post it again if you got doubts.

  • TheTruth

    first girl on left is DAMMMN FINE